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The Director And Story Are The Key Elements Of A Good Movie Bakersfield College Emls B50 Essay

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Professor JXX
15 June 2017
“That thing we call taste—it’s deeply personal, and even more idiosyncratic than we may have thought, at least according to new research by NYU psychology professor Pascal Wallisch and Rutgers University’s Jake Whritner, a graduate of Tisch’s Cinema Studies Program and Wallisch’s former student” (Reynolds). There are several elements which make a wonderful movie, such as acting, action, timing, lighting, editing, etc. However, what are the most important elements of a good film? The director and story are the key elements of a good movie.
The director is a key role and the head of the movie units.  He administers and directs all the aspects of the film. He should have visionary leadership and great creativity. He is able to negotiate differences in creative visions and visualizes the script in the fulfillment of that vision. He satisfies all of the audiences and finally achieves the goals of the crew and all the cast. Zhang Yimou is a famous Chinese film director, producer and writer. He identifies with the fifth Generation of Chinese filmmakers. In 1987, Zhang directed his first film Red Sorghum.  With the lifelike and brilliant portrayal of farmer life, it was popular with Chinese audiences, and it vaulted Zhang to the forefront of the world's art directors immediately. The film won the Golden Bear Award at Berlin Film Festival. Therefore, a good director makes...

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