The Director Of "Dog Town And Z Boys", Stacy Peralta, Shapes The Viewer To Accept The Argument That Surfing And Skateboarding As A Sport Was A Life Style And A Cultural Movement

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The director of "Dog Town and Z boys", Stacy Peralta, shapes the viewer to accept the argument that surfing and skateboarding as a sport was a life style and a cultural movement which was revolutionized by the Zephyr Surf and Skate team in the Dog Town area, America in the mid 70's.This is done through a number of documentary techniques and conventions which were used to create an award winning documentary.In the mid 70's the Zephyr Surf team filled in their time by making a skateboard out of what they could find. Every individual in the Zephyr team began to skate, to fill in time when there were no waves, and everybody then began to develop there own style of riding a skateboard. This was because they emulated surfers on skateboards. This illustrated innovation, technique, sensitivity.Technical codes that were used such as close ups, still shots, and slow motion all combine to present skateboarding as a beautiful sport in it's own right. Still shots were used to create various effects for the viewer. The still shot was used to capture a moment of importance, such as when the skaters were in mid air, this is also used to promote the idea of skill, achievement, and excellence. Still shots were also done in black and white when they featured the old club house in ruins with urban graphic art surrounding it, with the Zephyr team standing in front of it. This gave the impression that there was not much to do around the Dog Town area as it was dirty and rundown. The only thing they could do was utilize the surf to eventually emulate it into skateboarding. This tells us that they were portrayed as pioneers, ahead of their time.Interviews were filmed in black and white to emphasize a message to the audience about the importance of Z-boys. Black and white in this case was used to cause the viewers to think more about the individual and what they went through, make the audience think about the history and knowledge that the Z-Boys contain about skateboarding.During the competition in Del...

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