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The Disabled Essay

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In the world today, there are billions people with some kind disability that affect their lives. Unfortunately many communities still have ignorant views toward the disabled, which leads to discrimination and injustice toward the disabled community. The impaired community is made up of people who now live with a physical impairment, or a mental disability. Respect the disabled, they have rights that belong to them just as anyone; have courtesy, living with a disability does not mean being less capable, with the hardships that has faced the disabled community, they definitely deserve the same courtesy as anybody else. Be understanding, though they should be treated “normally,” realize that ...view middle of the document...

This in turns suffocates the person with the disability, as people around them only focus on the disability, completely forgetting that they are human. The behavior just stated is not a good way to treat the disabled community, in order to be respected by the disabled community treat them like how anyone should be treated.
Common courtesy should be common for all, being pointed and talked about is not very pleasant. The disabled community are often treated the very same way, either from the way they look or how they act. The glares, the whispers, and the pointing are very hurtful, some are ignorant that to the fact that they are talking to real people with emotion. Having common courtesy not only is polite, but it also shows a level of respect that should be shown to everyone. The disabled community would also very appreciated that the disability is not the center of attention. This also has a domino effect, if treated with common courtesy other will mimic, causing a positive and non-judgmental atmosphere. Always treat the disabled with common courtesy, the stares and whispers do cause emotional harm like anyone else, so make sure to always have common courtesy.
Though the disabled are perfectly capable human beings, keep in mind that they do have disabilities,meaning in certain situations it is important to be understanding. When a disability starts a effect in everyday life, be mindful that it will either take them a little longer, they will might require some...

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