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The Disadvantage Of Using English To Teach Mathematics And Science

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Education is very important for all country including Malaysia. Our country takes serious for education to produce society who can develop all aspects in our countries. Along with the ICT development, our government intend to create citizen with good English language-skill. In order to achieve it, a new education policy called PPSMI was introduced and hoping that English can be integrated more into education. Even though this new policy is good but what can be seen, the lack of PPSMI has overcome all the benefits of PPSMI. Many people do not agree to the implementation of PPSMI. There are disadvantages of using English language to teach Mathematics and Science the effect to Malaysia language, lower student achievement and increase a lot of cost to education.
PPSMI been enshrined as a policy decision of the Malaysian government as a result of the Special Cabinet meeting on July 19, 2002 under the administration of Prime Minister of Malaysia to-4, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamed. By Ministry of Education Malaysia, it was implemented gradually starting in the school session in 2003 with the pioneer is for all student Year 1 primary school and Form 1 and Form 6 Primary to Secondary School level. PPSMI is full implementation in 2007 for secondary school level while the primary school level was in 2008 ( 200814094559/ Article/index_html). According to Ministry Education of Malaysia, the rational transition to language teaching and learning in Science and Mathematics from Malay to English language are concerns over government policy towards the development of human resources to achieve developed nation status and preparation of School early to compete in the era of globalization.
Public know that Science and Mathematics is the foundation of the field and plays an important role in the advancement and development of a country. Various innovations and new discoveries in his field occurred rapidly and access information about development in this field of international relations and mastery in this language facilitates acquisition of knowledge in this field. When Tun Mahathir purposed this policy, he felt that Malaysia missed more in globalization. He hope that this policy can give more competitive advantage to the country, emulate the success of Singapore and India increasingly step forward because the habit of English. In other words the main goal is to produce PPSMI group of students who master the latest knowledge in both areas. It also aims to produce academic staff who are able to write in international journals and labour market demands of work. In addition, PPSMI expected to produce young people with the ability to use English properly ( General of Education Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom said a policy involving education takes a long time to strengthen or sees its effectiveness. He said when government policies...

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