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The Disadvantages Of Modern Medicine Essay

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My grandmother passed away at the age of 98. As she continued to grow older, her body could not function properly anymore without the use of many different medications. She had a pharmacy in her kitchen cabinet. In addition, she encountered numerous surgeries over her lifetime in order to stay alive. As her time started to grow thin, the loveable mother of my mother no longer had the mental capacity to perform everyday tasks, despite the fact that she never suffered from dementia or another brainpower depleting disorder. She had simply outlived her body. I loved my grandmother and valued the time I spent with her, but the question that is raised in my mind is, what is the effect of modern medicine on the overall quality of life? Numerous advancements of modern medicine have led to over-the-top extensions of the life expectancy. As a result, the world’s population is multiplying as well as bringing enormous additions to the amount of money spent on health care in the United States. In short, modern medicine is contributing to the unimaginable debt of the United States, in addition to overpopulating the planet.
In order to comprehend the problem entirely, first we must observe the effects that healthcare costs have on the economy and American families. The soaring cost and perpetual necessity for health care have led to dramatic increases in debt for a large number of Americans, as well as the nation as a whole. While performing astonishing acts of salvation every day, modern medicine is as expensive as one may assume such a miracle may cost. For example, the average cost of a triple bypass surgery, such as my grandfathers, cost over $200,000 and is mainly covered through insurance. Also, patients who require healthcare continue to need it, such as senior citizens and severe illness patients. For instance, cancer patients receive months of chemotherapy treatments, sometimes even having to return again if they do not enter remission. These elaborate surgeries have elevated the amount spent on healthcare to obscene levels. For example, according to the Kaiser website, an institution founded for the purpose of explaining healthcare to families, stated that, “Earlier this year they determined that the United States population spent well over $2.6 trillion dollars on healthcare in 2010” (Health Costs). Furthermore, an article by Ezekiel Emanuel in the New York Times explains that, “Frances GDP is a bit shy of $2.6 trillion dollars, demonstrating that America spends more on healthcare alone than France spends on everything” (Emanuel, Ezekiel).
Along with producing massive amounts of debt, modern medicine is aiding in keeping people alive for much longer periods of time. With modern medicine, we are now surviving through illnesses that would have once been considered part of natural selection. These extreme technological advancements have dramatically increased the population of the planet, leading to overpopulation from...

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