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The Disadvantages Of Working Under A Tyrant Boss

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Don’t take things personal: one thing that an employee should keep in mind is that he or she doesn’t need to be friends with the boss all you have to do is to work together

There are several disadvantages that one will experience while working with a tyrant boss. Some of these demerits include….
Stress: Employees who work with this kind of a boss are always victim of having a lot of stress which leads to lots and lots of frustration.
Health problems: Your health is also brought to stake with this kind of leadership at work. One can suffer from heart problems due to stress that he gets from the work place.
Economic problems: An ...view middle of the document...

A good relationship with your boss is very critical to your success at your work place. This is something that will not only make your job easier but you will also enjoy going to work on a daily basis. The other thing is that you will also advance your career. Your boss has a big impact on you’re your success and failure at work, so developing a good relationship with him or her is a very good progress in the workplace. Since the boss is the one that has the last say in the office working under him can become unbearable if you do not have a good relationship. So as an employee you should strive to have a good relationship with your employer. For you to have a good relationship with your boss, there are some factors you need know about your boss and they include:
Establishing the needs of your boss: from day one of your employment your mandate should be to establish the needs of your boss this is because by doing this you would have taken a major step in establishing a good relationship. It does not matter how young you are to an organization but you have the ability to manage your boss and that can be done by delivering what they require before they ask for it. Don’t wait for your boss to tell you what to do. Make his or her job easier and impress him or her by taking the initiative of doing things you need to do without being asked,
Time set up: it is advisable to set up time for meetings with your boss when you see that things are not going well in the organization. And be brief when presenting your cases. Meet regularly with you boss not only to talk about problems but to give him or her updates of how things are. You can use this time to inform your boss on your project and your accomplishments and get also to answer questions. Meet your deadlines this is because you cannot expect to have a good relationship with your boss if you are not performing up to what is expected from you.
You need to be friendly: to have a good relationship with your boss you have to show friendliness this is because friendliness makes it easier to establish a comfortable working relationship. But one thing you have to know is that you don’t have to be friends with your boss.
Help your boss look great: ensuring your manager looks good is one of the best things you can do to improve or strengthen your relationship. The fact that you need t know is that when you boss succeeds it also looks good on your career, so look for ways that your skills can compliment hers, so that you can assist your boss succeed.
Avoid the gossip: this can lead to you not having a good relationship with your boss. Avoid talking negatively about your boss to your colleagues because if this reaches him you can find your self in lots of trouble.
6. How to keep your Job under while dealing with a tyrant boss.
There are a great number of employees who would not want to lose their jobs despite the fact that they are working with a tyrant...


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