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The Disappearance Essay

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Have you lived before? Is there a purpose in doing so? The story takes place in the Caribbean. Molly was getting married in one day. She was so ecstatic, she was finally going to marry her true love. She planned to party with her friends, like a mini bachelorette party. Gifts were exchanged, laughter was brought, and a lot of gossiping was going on. Molly wanted to learn what she was getting into as the future wife of her love, Brian, since they were all married themselves. The girls were watching a film and slowly one by one each were falling asleep. How would they know that a marriage was not going to take place tomorrow? The next morning, the girls had gotten up and were calling for their ...view middle of the document...

They met a woman, named Sarah. As Sarah and the teens went down the elevator, the elevator door and floor suddenly shook, and the elevator was at rest.
“Aww, I knew it was too good to be true,” Angelina (one of the teenagers) said. “Don’t worry, it happens all the time, it will start in about five minutes.” Sarah calmly stated.
“Yeah, keep my fingers crossed. How long have you been here?” Angelina questioned.
“One week. I live on the third floor.” Sarah responded.
“We just moved in, we live on the fourth floor. We requested the third floor, but they said it was unavailable, maybe it’s full,” Angelina continued,
“I’m Angelina, these are my friends, Dan and Joe. They didn’t introduce themselves, so…” Angelina looked over to Dan and Joe, while they just gave her a death stare. The elevator suddenly started again and headed down at the normal speed.
“It’s about time. My name is Sarah by the way.” Sarah stated. After the introduction, Angelina invited Sarah to come to the beach with them. Without any hesitation, Sarah was gladly appreciating her new friends and accepted the offer. When the elevator reached the bottom floor, Angelina stepped out of the elevator and asked the manager to get a ride for them to the beach.
“How many are there today?” The manager catechized.
“Four people.” Angelina responded. The manager looked at Dan and Joe and only saw them.
“Ma’am, not to question in a rude way, but I cannot see your fourth person there.” Angelina looked back, and did not see Sarah, “she must have gone to the bathroom. She will be back.” The manager nodded.
“What floor are you all staying at?” The manager questioned for confirmation that they were residents of the hotel.
“Dan, Joe, and Angelina on the fourth floor and Sarah …on the third floor.” Angelina said.
“Ma’am the third floor is not available.”
“Due to limitation of space, I know.”
“No, ma’am that floor has not been used for 4 years, a girl was killed on that floor. We don’t allow anybody on that floor, for customer safety.” The manager strictly forenamed.

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