The Disappearance Into Conformity Essay

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Society and culture are constantly evolving leaving the people to either conform or be left behind. With the human mind ever evolving, technology advancing more and more each day, and the new trend changing weekly the United States sets a fast pace for everyone to keep up with. In “A Rose for Emily,” by William Faulkner, Miss Emily Grierson is a who lived in the old South where women grew up, got married, and spent the rest of their lives taking care of their families. However, Miss Emily’s father drove off any man that had interest in her, and after he died time seemed to stand still for her in that small town. The short story “Young Goodman Brown,” by Nathaniel Hawthorne, describes Goodman Brown’s encounter with the devil on his trip into the forest. In Brown’s village conformity it the only way of life, but his encounter changes him. It is up to society to decide if conformity will make or break existence as shown with Miss Emily who resists any sort of change, or Goodman Brown whose village’s ways did more damage than good.
Conformity exists all across the world and differs in every society. In the United States it can differ not just as a country as a whole, but down to each different region. Throughout the evolution of society people have been expected to ‘change with the times’, but there has always been those outcasts or rebels of each generation. American society has seen every different trend, belief, political view, and prejudice imaginable. The people have witnessed integration between whites and African Americans, women entering the workforce and fighting for their rights, machinery replace human labor, and wars that half the country have defended and the other half protested. With every change there have been both those who conformed and those who rebelled which has kept a balance in society.
History has shown both the good and evil that can result from a harshly conformed society. In Nazi Germany the people conformed to the ideas that Jews were to blame for everything negative thing that ever happened to the German people. The Nazi society seemed innocent enough to those living it, but in reality it caused more damaged and tragedy than the Western world thought existed. Conformity can be a beneficial thing when not participated in in ignorance. Industrialization of the Western world was a time of change that affected the entire world as cities grew, a new class was created in society, and there was no longer just royalty and peasant. This was a beneficial change brought about, and it set the world in whole new direction.
In “A Rose for Emily,” by William Faulkner, Miss Emily Grierson comes from a prominent family in the Old South. The older Grierson gets the more her life stills to a standstill. Her father constantly sends away any young man who shows interest in marrying her, and then he dies and Emily is thirty years old and without a husband. When a Northern man, Homer Barron, is hired to put sidewalks in in town Emily...

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