The Pain Of War, This Is A "Story" I Wrote About A Soldier Who Experiences The True Pain Of War.

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The Pain of WarOne day a young man named Jack woke up. He was a mere boy of only 16. All he heard was the voice of his mother screaming. "There's a war outside, there's a war outside," she screamed.He jumped out of bed as quickly as he could. He said "mother don't worry I'm going save our country and fight for the freedom of our land". He had a shower, got dressed and left in a taxi with his things to go to the local army base.He got there and was surrounded by other young men most no more than two years his senior. He thought to him self "wow this is amazing I could die". But he passed the thought, he picked him self up, and told himself one thing, "I have the power to create a better life, I could create freedom for the next generation, I could help people's children live a free life", and that was all he needed. His thoughts were immediately cleared; suddenly he was focused on the task at hand. He was sure of his purpose.He marched into the colonel's office, and said, "Hello I am here for assignment". The colonel was astounded, despite seeing hundreds of men that same day saying close to the same thing as Jack had, he couldn't help noticing something different about Jack it might have been something in the tone of his voice or the determined look in his eye, but whatever it was it nearly knocked the colonel off his feet, there was something special about that boy."Here are your papers go and fill them out". As Jack left the office the colonel thought to himself, "that boy is going to make a great soldier".Later that day Jack met up with all the other soldiers. It was in the mess hall they had all been called there for a meeting. Jack was 6 feet tall 210 pounds, and well built, all the other men around him were intimidated, but he was a good courteous man, and said "hello" politely to everyone. "I'm Jack", he said. But he didn't get his chance to continue talking because at that moment the colonel came on the speaker.He said, "Today you will all have your chance...

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