The Discourse Community Of Computer Forensic

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The discourse community that I have chosen to research is the forensic computer community. I chose this community because of the way it intertwines with the culture and technology of today. Today, the only time anybody really hears about a computer forensic expert is in a courtroom or on a TV show. Even though it is not a fancy job, it still beats being a pig keeper.
I think that one of the most important parts about this job it that it helps people, probably not in the way most people would like it, but it can help certain people. It helps especially in trials, when the prosecutor or defender needs evidence against the criminal to prove his or her innocence.
It is the computer forensics job to look through all of the computer files, even the deleted ones, to see if there are any incriminating files that would prove them guilty. Even reporting them to the jury is one of the jobs that a computer forensic person might have. Not only does this community work closely ...view middle of the document...

The language that the computer forensic specialists is a special language that involves computer references and programs that are used with encoding the computer. They use terms like “Active Files or Active Data,” which means that the files are not deleted. They also have a term called “Keylogger,” which is a program or device designed to keep a record of the key types on a computer. This is especially helpful when trying to figure out a password or to monitor what someone is typing. This program serves a purpose to determine the status and the tracking or a computer.
There are some conflicts with this community, like if the computer crashes; there might be a chance that you cannot recover after it crashes. Another conflict is that the computer could be so damaged that the information could not be recovered. Which would resolute in a loss of evidence that could be incriminating. A third conflict is that this community can be grim, epically if it means searching a computer for child pornography or picture of a murder scene. The last conflict is that it can take hours to weeks to get files retrieved from a computer. Depending on how bad the computer system is.
Depending on the circumstances, some people have to pay to have files retrieved. Which can be difficult when there could be more wrong than just a deleted file. Another difficulty is that a computer forensics specialist looks at all of your personal files. This can be especially difficult if you have privacy issues. The last difficulty is that not only can they retrieve files that have been deleted but they can also cause some files to be deleted. Therefore, there is a slight chance that it could take longer to retrieve the files that were accidently deleted then the ones that were originally deleted.
The authority in this community is the department head. The department head is the leader of the department; in this case, it is the lead computer forensic specialist. It is the leads job to make sure that the retrieval process goes smoothly and to make sure that all the evidence is recorded and organized correctly. The authority comes from years of training not to mention the years of working with the police or company that is required to become a department leader.

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