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The Discovery Of The Mass Energy Equivalence

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Scientists ranging from James Clerk Maxwell and Max von Laue have been claimed to be true discovers of the Mass-Energy Equivalence, which has popularly been credited to Albert Einstein’s “Theory of special relativity” back in 1905. There has been many controversies, but in conclusion Einstein is the official claimer.(Ball, P. (n.d.). The equation proved that energy and matter are linked. This was only one of the major breakthroughs that Einstein made in 1905 and his best work was yet to come in later years.
Mass-Energy Equivalence is the concept that the mass of an object or system is the measurement of its energy content. “E=mc2 is a sequence of special relativity”. Although the Algebra ...view middle of the document...

Its symbols, although easily recognized, contain concepts contrary to the way things seem to be: this formula is used in various fields one of them being Nuclear Physics, by transformation of mass to energy (Einstein's mass-energy relation.n.d.), After Einstein discovered the proper function of his formula, it began to be used in the creation of atomic bombs, the chemical reaction that occurs inside of the bomb is best explained by E=mc2. This was very valuable during this time period as the world was in the great pursue of atomic weapons as that was the new demonstration of power and intimidation. This formula explains things that were unexplainable until its discovery, physics is the field with the greatest use of its full potential; hospitals and their equipments tend to use this formula a lot, the creation of all the radioactive equipment requires the use of this formula, without this formula none of it will function properly, nor would anyone understand what exactly it is that occurs in the process of it. The formula gives the total energy content of the system. This formula can determine whether the system it is being applied to has rest energy, kinetic or potential energy. If it has rest energy it will not be capable of having kinetic or potential, which is what is required to know when applying it to a system.(Einstein Online.) Today mass-energy equivalence is used in anything and everything it has become a vital part in our our world.
Any piece of material has so much energy in it that if you could harness all of it, it could power an entire city. E = mc2 is a very fundamental statement about the idea of what mass is, and that mass can be equivalent to energy. And we can actually convert mass into energy. Einstein’s discovery gave us, well more specifically the scientist who know what they’re doing the power to create energy out of anything with mass, as his theory of relativity states that mass is relatable to energy, and any ordinary object with mass is pregnant with enormous amounts of energy. Mass-Energy equivalence has been one of the most important, and valuable discoveries in history as well as being what...

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