The Discrepancies In The Film Adaptation Of Exodus

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The Discrepancies in the Film Adaptation
The book of Exodus is a detailed account of the story of the freedom of the Israelite people from their time of slavery in Egypt. At times the verses may be confusing and it might be hard to grasp points. We will discuss below how The Prince of Egypt was able to portray the main storyline, and look at some points in the movie where there where some incorrect themes or details were shown.
At the beginning of The Prince of Egypt, we see the rush that the mother is in to get her baby, Moses, safely to the river. The streets are full of solders, but luckily, Moses’ mother and kids know where to go. The mother sets baby Moses into the dangerous waters. Part of the travel was shown to be quite adventurous, with the basket being the center of attention amongst some of the most viscous animals. Eventually the basket arrives at its destination, and the Egyptian Queen picks it up. After she opens the basket, she is shocked yet pleased to find a little baby boy, and decides to have mercy on it. The baby is adopted into the royal family as one of the King and Queen’s own and Moses doesn’t find out his true origins till later on in the story.
Early on in the movie we get off to a rocky start. There are things that we do understand about the original arrival that make sense to us, the readers. Although baby Moses’ adventures may have been quite dangerous with many close encounters on the river, the Bible does not speak of any. Moses’ mother tells Moses sister, Mariam, to follow the basket down the river and make sure it arrives at its final destination. The Bible says that it was the princess of Egypt who actually discovered Moses. This is seen in Exodus 2:5: “The daughter of Pharaoh came down to bathe at the river. She saw the basket among the reeds and sent her maid to bring it.” When the basket was inquired on, young Mariam stepped out of the bushes and gave information to the princess about her mother, who could take care of the baby boy in the palace. At this point, we can assume that Moses grows up in his mother’s arms. Because of this, it is highly unlikely that Moses would not know his true family from a very young age, quite contradictory to what the Prince of Egypt portrays.
Toward his late teens, after the discovery of his true family history, Moses see’s an Israelite slave being whipped, and a deep anger is stirred within him. After quickly running over to the platform, Moses, when trying to grab the Egyptian slave driver, accidentally pushed him off to a plunging death below. When the Israelite’s and Egyptians begin to crowd around him with questions, Moses becomes very scared and makes a run out of Egypt as fast as he can for fear of his father’s angry reprimand.
This portion in the Bible has some different aspects that aren’t actually talked about in the movie. One way to understand why Moses ran is to understand what truly happened. In Exodus 2:12, it explains the story: “He saw an Egyptian...

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