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The Discus Ring Essay

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The Discus Ring

There is a place in my mind that none other is equal to. This place holds the dreams of so many; it grants the wishes of so few. Although hope can persevere through so many trials and tribulations, this place can crush hope in less than an instant. When there is the realization that hope has been mangled, that a person can be or has been defeated, this place may choose to reestablish that person's dignity and pride in the next instantor it may not.

This place is the discus ring. Its occupants often call it "the ring". It is a small, square slab of concrete placed at the vertex of a precise angle. There is a white circle painted on the cement. Though it seems simple, this is the most complex piece of equipment and the biggest challenge in an athlete's life.

Looking from an athlete's eyes, a person could see the world from the ring. Just spending time there could equally duplicate everything of importance that has ever been taught to them. Things like pride, disappointment, and responsibility to others as well as you are learned in this six by six-foot square.

As a freshman, I had been chosen above six other people to go to a meet. This wasn't just any meet, though. Here, our actions would determine who would go to state track and who wouldn't. Two Cedaredge girls went there to throw. Ginger and I went. We were expected to win. That is why the two of us were chosen. Four other throwers went along for the ride. Two of the guys were there to compete, and two alternates, who were also male. One of which would soon ruin my chances to go to state. We arrived at the track early in the morning, around 7:30 a.m. It was fairly nice out, but nobody was really looking at the weather. Our thoughts were placed solely on the ring.

Ginger and I waited forever, it seemed, before we heard our call, "Girls Discus, first call." The intensity had built up so much over the long day, that we could hardly stand it. I would sometimes shade because of the level of adrenaline rushing through me. It was almost like touching an electrical fence over and over, yet, once I stepped in the ring, I...

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