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The Dispute Between China And Japan Over The Senkaku/Diaoyo Island.

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The dispute between China and Japan over the Senkaku/Diaoyo Island.
In early 1895, Japan base its Sovereignty claim on the fact that it included the islands as terra nullius that known as an unoccupied territory and has been incessantly inhabiting the islands. But, China argues that it exposed the islands long before and quotes more than a few historical documents that was mention in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) which talk about the islands as part of Taiwan in 1683. After the merger of the island by Japan in 1895, the non-government were used a part of the islands for own profit with providing the place for the worker who work in his fish processing plant until World War II. Then, the ...view middle of the document...

Since the reversion of Okinawa to Japanese rule in 1972, the Japanese government has continuously sent its naval forces, called Maritime Security Forces, to throw out Chinese fishermen from that area. The dispute twisted into a new crisis in 1978 when China and Japan negotiated an official treaty.
According to Zhongqi Pan (2007), the Japanese right-wing political group Nihon Seinensha that known as Japanese Youth Federation erected a lighthouse on the Diaoyu Island in an effort to legitimize Japanese territorial claim over the islands. This situation makes the Chinese send a flotilla of fishing boats to enclose the islands. The Chinese government claimed that this issue in dispute should be discuss and gone from the negotiations. Then, the Treaty of Peace and Friendship Agreement were signed by Japan and China in 1978 to avoid from the conflict. However, this lighthouse suddenly was damaged by a typhoon. This situation again led the Chinese communities to decide a large protest against the Japanese. In 2005 Japan has announced that, it was placed under the state control and the Japanese right hand establishes the largest protection a lighthouse of the Senkaku Island in 1988.
In addition, in the East China Sea, Japan started explore for natural gas in its self-alleged EEZ in 2004 and Beijing has announced that it would be...

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