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The Distribution Of Leadership Essay

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1 Introduction
The distribution of leadership has been practiced from ancient times, Hatschepsut co-ruled Egypt with Thutmose III and the history of Rome is peppered with examples of joint-Emperorships. These examples, which involve sharing or complimentary leadership, are salient because they involve the tips of massive hierarchical organisations and show that there has been a need to flatten hierarchies and share responsibilities from ancient times.
The current term used is distributed leadership and its application is not exclusive to educational organisations. Although shared leadership is often taken to refer to POWER.
Within the last 10 years there has been a shift of emphasis of attention by educational scholars to the role of leadership in schools, notably by Peter Gronn. This has included examining what is meant by leadership as well as how it is shared and devolved.
This assignment sets out a plan for a small-scale study to investigate the perceptions of administrators and teachers at Danube International School Vienna to the effectiveness of implementation and functioning of a co-principalship of four administrations/leaders where there had previously only been a single principal.
I aim to do this by defining the terms used in this assignment, placing the study in context, reviewing the literature to address the scope and focus of this specific study, design the research with a focussed research question and investigative strategy, define the timetable, methods for the collection and analysis of data through to a discussion of the reliability and validity of the method, collection, analysis, ethical considerations and finally the significance of the study.
2 Context
Danube International School Vienna has approximately 400 students on roll, aged 3-18 years and approximately 260 in the secondary school (11-18) and has implemented the IB MYP and the IB DP.
The school is 16 years old and began with only three positions of responsibility: the Director, High school Principal and ESL Coordinator who oversaw all aspects of administration and leadership and subsumed in their roles both Elementary and Middle school principals and IBDP coordinator.
As the school grew the number of positions of responsibility developed along a typical hierarchical structure to include Elementary, Middle School and High School section leaders, a IB DP and IB MYP Coordinator and in 2010 an IB PYP coordinator. (Any information on organisational growth in ad hoc International Schools?)
During the years 2003 – 2008 the position of Secondary Principal absorbed the positions of Middle and High School section leaders and Deputy Director.
The Secondary Principal became responsible for the following main areas within the secondary school:
Academics, student well-being, day-to-day management of the secondary school, liaison with parents and leadership of the secondary school (or whole school in the absence of the Director).
With the sudden departure of a...

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