The Divergence In Marriages From The 1900s 1950s

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The Divergence in Marriages from the 1900s-1950s
Prior to the 1900s, marriage was illustrated as authoritative, and sexual repression; conversely, the reformation in the family of the twentieth century depicts marriage as an “emotional gratification” (Cherlin, 2008). Marriage was suppose to “provide romance, emotional growth, and sexual fulfillment” within the private family (Sawyer, S.C., Whalstorm, C.M., Williams, B.K., 2006). This exposition will briefly provide an observational summary of the influential transformations within the family sector. The changes reflect a myriad of decades, where marriages have been faced with decisive and vital quandary within the family due to societal and economical challenges.
Early Decades-The families of the early decades were reformed due to social and economic growth. These changes came about due to Industrial Revolution. Consequently, there was a demand in agriculture as well as the transportation systems. The early decades shifted from utilizing “home based human labor”, to actually employing men to operate machinery in the factories; as a result, the growth of employment increased. The transportation systems increased which allowed men to obtain employment throughout various cities (Sawyer et al., 2006).
Most importantly, marriage was also affected by the societal changes that occurred during this decade. The desire to marry was based on “emotional gratification”; couples were more inclined to seek these attributes within a marriage: happiness, companionship and romance (Cherlin, 2008). Women had the opportunity to obtain an education and the ability to work outside the home; this cause led to a decrease within childbirth rates. Men and women were also full-filling personal desires, as a result they (men and women) were waiting longer to marry and start a family of their own (Cherlin, 2008).
Great Depression-The Great Depression endured astronomical difficulties during this era. The work-force during this period had exceedingly declined at a rate of 23.6% by the year 1932 (Sawyer et al., 2006). Subsequently, the marriages were affected due to this crisis. Men were...

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