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The Diverse Roles Of Women In Movies

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The Diverse Roles of Women in Movies

In society we have a lot of women actresses. Some tend to play the motherly type, some play the manipulator type and some even play the victims of abusive relationships. No matter what women seem to be coming up in the industry of movies in more ways than before. The three movies I have chosen to analyze in my critique are Heartbreakers, Baby Boy and Stepmom. These three movies all have women in them that either play a major role or the main role. All their roles are very different in character and none of the women in these three movies play a similar role.

In the movie Heartbreakers the two main women are Jennifer Love Hewitt (the daughter) and Sigourney Weaver (the mother). These two women act as “manipulators or conartists” the whole time. The whole point of the movie is for them to make different men (of age and class) to believe that they (as attractive as they are) actually love them for who they are. Throughout the movie they scam all different types of men to basically get them for their money. At one point in time Sigourney Weaver even marries a man who is madly in love with her just for his money and then she divorces him shortly after. The story continues as they use and abuse these men. Then Jennifer Love Hewitt starts to actually like one of the guys she is suppose to be scamming and her mother gives him a test to see if he actually likes her back. She tries to seduce him and she even gives him some sort of intoxicant to make him more susceptible to her. He ends up kissing her mom because he is under the influence and Jennifer sees the whole scene. She later on finds out that her mom was trying to make it seem like this was not the right one for her, but in actuality he really loved her and they end up staying together till the movie ends. Moral of the story: Mother and Daughter scam men the whole movie and in the end the mother tries to scam her own daughter, but love conquers all.

The second movie in which a woman plays a major role in is Baby Boy. This movie, I believe did not do too much damage to the box offices when it first came out, but it sure portrayed women in a very negative way. The main character is actually a man by the...

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