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The Dividing Force Of Religion Essay

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Religion has the power to bind one to others as well as the aptitude to alienate people with conflicting beliefs. Throughout history, cultures have created several different belief systems, each with its own ideals, to satisfy the typical human curiosity and explain the unclarified events that occur in nature. Inspecting the role of religion from the earliest civilizations to the present, its tendency to divide rather than unify groups becomes apparent.
Starting from one of the very first holy wars, the Crusades are a prime example of this disuniting force of religion. Stemming from Pope Urban II’s rallying cry for soldiers to reclaim the Holy Land, this was a series of religious wars launched by Christian states of Europe against the Muslims. Thousands of men, both young and old, were motivated by promises of wealth, religious salvation, and chivalry to fight this religious battle against the Muslims. Despite the nobility, these wars had severe consequences between Christian and Islamic believers. In the article “The Crusades” by W. Robert Godfrey, he expresses, “Hundreds of thousands died, and the terrible massacre in Jerusalem by the crusaders has seriously damaged the reputation of Christianity among Muslims ever since.” This major event in history created tension between Christians and Muslim faiths. As one of the bloodiest wars in history, this conflict between the Muslims and the Christians represents how religion ruptures peace between two segregated sides.
The clash between Muslims and Christians persists today. On September 22, 2013, a Christian congregation of about 500 people was violently infringed upon by two Taliban suicide bombers. As the church had been filled with innocent women and children, this devastating attack emerged with an astounding 81 dead and more than 140 people severely wounded. According to an article by Jon Boone on The Guardian, a spokesman of the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility, declaring, “They are the enemies of Islam, therefore we target them. We will continue our attacks on non-Muslims on Pakistani land.” This large-scale murder was solely due to one reason: religious discrepancy. Because Christians did not believe in the same teachings as Muslims, they were attacked and persecuted. This conflict between the Christian and Islamic faiths is yet another example of the...

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