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The Divine Winds Essay

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The sirens of ambulances and fire trucks wailed with sadness and desolation as they desperately tried to reach the possible hundreds that were injured...or worse. The scenery was just like a black and white picture due to the smoke cloud that lingered on the streets. London was burning and everyone in the cafe knew it. She and everyone else felt a tremor beneath their feet that sent shock waves all around the room. It knocked items off the surrounding shelves and they fell to the ground. A silence fell over the room as a faint eruption from the distance caught everyone's attention. Suddenly, the deafening sound of sirens silenced the streets. Dazed, It only took a moment before people within the coffee shop and on the streets realised what was happening. People scattered every which way, running frantically to find cover. Still confused, she followed the crowd outside. The air was thick, with ash and smoke that clogged her lungs making the air around her almost unbreathable.

Looking up, she saw the Luftwaffe bombers polluting London's night skies, dropping bombs and not caring who lives or dies. In horror, she quickly cowered away in a bomb shelter near by. Rushing to safety, a swarm of people closed in around her, making it difficult to maintain balance; she was knocked around and was tripping and stumbling over her own feet. As she almost reached the entrance of the shelter, wistfully, she was too late. An ear piercing screech was released from the atmosphere above and a peculiar object fell from the aircraft and, within seconds, a strident, resounding “boom” blasted around her. A fierce wall of heat passed through her, the violent force from the impact knocked her to the ground, forcefully. Darkness fell over her.

As she woke from the explosive contact, her head throbbed in pain and her vision was blurred,yet she saw vague...

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