The Diviners, By Margaret Laurence. How Does Morag's Past Influence Pique's Life ?

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Pique is the inheritor of French-Indian and Scottish-Canadian roots. She is raised her mother in Canada and England. However, her growth is affected by Morag's life style and Morag's past life. There are three events in Morag's past that affects Pique's life.Morag moves away from Christie when she goes to college and she rarely comes back to Manawake,'Going to Winnipeg this fall. To college. And I'm never coming back.'She does not seem care for her stepparents. In certain respects the parent-child relationship between Morag and Pique resembles the one between Christie, the Scavenger,'You've never had somebody tell you mother was crazy betweenshe lived out her alone and wrote dirty books and had kooky peoplecoming out from the city to visit?' (P.446)And both, in different ways, attempt to deny their parents. At one point, Pique, having run away from home, ends up in a mental hospital in Toronto after 'a bad trip','Can't you see I despair you? Can't you see I want youto go away? You aren't my mother. I haven't got a mother.' (P.111)Furthermore, Morag does not get married with Jules. When her husband is Brooke Skelton, she has a sexual relationship with Jules and gets pregnant. Later, Pique is aware that Jules is her father. Pique has an idea about why she is different from the others because a typical family should have a mother and a father, but she comes from a single parent family. When Pique first meets her father she is at about five years old. Jules sings a song to Pique which she...

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