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The Division Of Church And Teens…

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The Division of Church and Teens…

It seems in today’s world every night on the news we see examples of high school aged Americans who are committing crimes and hurting people around them. Whether it is a school shooting, kids being busted for drugs, underage drinking, or vandalism we are seeing more examples of high school aged kids doing things that are severely looked down upon. This problem has not been resolved because we keep seeing it as a continuing issue in the news everyday. With the cutting of extracurricular budgets for schools and other organizations the availability of good programs for high school kids to participate in is declining year by year. Therefore many kids are spending their time doing unconstructive things that may lead to ill-advised behavior. Although there are thousands of explanations for this irrational behavior ranging from violence on TV to the availability of guns, a significant reason is a lack of spiritual values associated with religion and the church. However, to understand this reason you must recognize that by referring to spirituality and the church I am encompassing all religions. Nevertheless due to the restrictions on the length of this paper I will use specific examples and not be able to fully explore every religion. Furthermore I will be focusing in general on specific examples occurring in America because they relate better to this essays projected audience. In addition, by asserting my above statement I am also implying that all religions have “good” values and that these values are a possible solution to this increasing problem. In general this is a true statement because I believe all of the larger more populous religions reinforce stability and a given set of values upon their followers, therefore making them strive to be better people. For that reason the enthymeme around which this essay will be based is that high school aged Americans lack values because of apathy towards spirituality and the church.

The values that I am referring to are those inherent in almost all religions. The common understanding that things should be fair and you should be just and respectful to those around you. This goes back to an understanding of morals and the things that cause people to realize what is right and wrong. As is stated in the book God Matters, written by Raymond Martin and Christopher Bernard, “If anyone will take the trouble to compare the moral teachings of, say, the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Hindus, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans, what will really strike him [or her] will be how very like they are to each other and to our own.” (Bernard 137). There has always been a basic understanding of morality and what is right and wrong that has transcended culture and time. This belief reinforces the presence of religion because most all religions provide a set of rules or laws that people are supposed to live by. In that case because all cultures have shared similar ideas about...

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