The Divisons Within Canada Essay

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The Divisons Within Canada "Hey, I am not a lumberjack or fur trader, and I don't live in an
igloo or eat blubber or own a dog sled and I don't know Jimmy, Sally,
or Suzie from Canada, although I am certain they're really, really
nice. I have a prime minister, not a president; I speak English and
French, not American; and I pronounce it 'about,' not 'aboot.' I can
proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack. I believe in
peacekeeping, not policing; diversity, not assimilation; and that the
beaver is a truly proud and noble animal. A toque is a hat, a
chesterfield is a couch, and it's pronounnced zed, not zee, zed!
Canada is the second largest landmass, and the first nation of hockey,
and the best part of North America. My name is Joe, and I am Canadian!
Thank you."

Canadians have all heard, rejoiced and chanted the 'I am Canadian'
commercial. The commercial enforced the patriotic feeling now
engulfing Canadians. The commercial further signified a changing
political culture from the historically calm and accepting neighbour
of the south. It is important to look at patriotism because it could
mark a reduction in the Canadian malaise and the fragmentation we as
Canadians inhibit and lead to a changing political culture. Canada, as
a whole can become stronger the more unified the country becomes. This
essay will firstly look at the divisions within Canada and how these
divisions work to create a unique political culture. Secondly, it will
compare the American and Canadian political cultures. Thirdly, this
essay will discuss the role of the Canadian executive with respect to
Canadian political culture. The purpose of this essay will be to
establish a place for the Tory component in Canadian contemporary
political culture by analyzing Canadian fragmentations, comparing US
to Canada and referring to the Canadian executive.

Firstly, we must first define political culture and toryism. The
question of political culture is important because it establishes the
'rules of the game' for poltics[1]. For politicians, political culture
is the answer to electoral success because it provides an answer to
what the public envisions from its political leaders. In order to
determine the political culture of a country one must study the
history and the people of Canada. The 'Tory touch' is derived from
conservatism through Canada's connection to Britain; it promotes the
"use of state power for communal ends."[2] Toryism is the main
difference between the Canadian and the United State's political
culture because it allows a socialist aspect of community...

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