The Divorced And Their Children Essay

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What if the two you loved the most the most, the two that raised you, the two that fed you, the two who kept you going forward, the two who welcomed you to their home with warmth, love and laughter suddenly decided its time for them to separate? What would you do? Whose loving hands will you fall into; your mother’s soft and warm hands, or your fathers rough but caring hands? You have no knowledge of why they’re separated; you’re just scared and confused if you’re ever going to see your parents together again.I believe people divorce because of irrational reasons such as; change of priorities in life such as having kids change of jobs or some big events. The two of them have poor communication which is the foundation of a relationship. Poor communication would also lead on to lack of commitment for each other. Some other reasons are instigators to the bond, In-laws. They have no limit of talking behind your back their two-faced. They talk all casual and nice in front of you, but behind your back they talk how you’re just like a street rat, dirty and untrustworthy. Or other absurd reasons I believe that are hidden from others are sexual abuse in the relationship which could sometimes also cause physical or emotional abuse.Statistics say that divorce percentage rate can be decrease by; thirty percent if their annual income is more than fifty grand, twenty-four percent if you have a baby that is more than seven months old after your marriage. Another twenty-four percent decrease if you are over twenty-five when you were married. Fourteen percent if your parents never divorce or your family goes to church together. Thirteen percent if you have attended college.“Family is the basis of every society". Family is the way to serve God’s purpose, and it also provides protection and education for children. Children learn the first and most important ethics at home for an example, respect and values. Family gives them values and norms, it gives children the support that they need in their lives. Unfortunately, during the...

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