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The Dna Essay Genetic And Environmental Components Of Williams Syndrome

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Williams syndrome is a rare, relatively innocuous genetic disorder that gives its recipients a particular set of personality and physiological traits that can vary slightly depending on the case. Generally people with Williams syndrome exhibited extroverted benevolent personalities, prominent facial characteristics such as pronounced philtrums (the fold between your lips and nose), low nasal bridges, and pathologies such as certain heart diseases and optical defects, (amongst a plethora of behavioral and mental developmental challenges). Specific examples of mental and neurological deficiencies included in a Williams syndrome person are: impaired ability for spatial and navigational ...view middle of the document...

33 are deleted, causing Williams syndrome. It should be noted that the rate of genetic mutations that occur upon the production of gametes are generally equal (statistically) to both men and woman, and so neither parent’s family history matters in predicting the susceptibility of having a Williams syndrome child. Possible contributing factors to random gene mutations are as follows: heat exposure and physical tissue damage (as in a laceration or blunt force) to the genitals, chemical interference (such as radiation, or oxidative stress causing free radicals) that can facilitate apoptosis (programmed cell death), and viral and bacterial interference (such as the Human Papilloma virus, which is shown as having an uncanny ability to alter DNA of the surrounding cells such that it can cause malignant cancers) .
Fascinatingly, scientists have been able to map out possible links between specific proteins contained within genes and their possible contribution to human characteristics. For example CLIP2, GTF21, GTF21RT1, LIMK1, would be lined to the neurological and behavioral characteristics, ELN would be partly linked to cardiovascular disease, and GTF21RT1 would be linked to distinctive facial features. However there are plenty of exogenous factors that contribute to the behavioral aspects of Williams syndrome. According to “Science Direct (last revision date of the article is unknown) Fears Hyperaucusis” a vast majority of Williams syndrome kids have a phobia. This unusual phobia: (the fear of loud...

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