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"The Document Speaks For Itself Essay

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Two years in the making, countless hours of songwriting, guitar tracking, recording, then multiple lawsuits by record companies and the end result is the masterpiece that is A Day To Remember’s Common Courtesy album. To most people, the entire genre of metal, hardcore, or punk music is all just one big idea of devil worshipping and ignorance, these misconceptions are so false it’s almost unfair. The detail and progression of the music in these genres is so advanced that it is devastating to musicians that most people don’t consider it music. A Day To Remember is the pinnacle of what melodic hardcore, or “pop-mosh” music is, they are the best musicians and make the biggest impact on the scene and the world. In a world that only focuses on what Miley Cyrus is doing and in a genre that is mainly only heard by angry heartbroken teenagers, ADTR has been able to solidify themselves into the musical world and that is what makes their new album “Common Courtesy” an iconic part of hardcore music.
The 12th track on the album is “The Document Speaks For Itself,” this song embodies everything that A Day To Remember is and it blends everything they’ve done with previous records, it is musical genius. Being a hardcore band, the instrumentation includes two guitars, a lead and a rhythm, a bass guitar, drums, and two kinds of vocals, clean singing and a “death growl” scream. What makes this particular song so unique is that it is a balance of everything the band tries to do with making songs, it mixes their heavy side with a melodic chorus. When analyzing the form, it was difficult to classify the song with some of the basic forms like binary or ternary, because of the uniqueness of the style of music how it repeats and changes, the form would most likely be considered an extended version or a deviant of rondeau form. As with most pop music, this song is written in a 4/4 meter, with the emphasis on the 2 and 4 hits during the verse, and the 1 and the 3 hits during the chorus and breakdown. The emphasis is marked by the snare hits on the drum. There are three aspects to this song and this type of music that are key to making such well rounded songs, these are the melody, rhythm, and dynamics. The melody is shown off mainly by the clean vocals of the singer during the chorus and parts of the verses. The rhythm is important because during the dissonant sounds of the growl screaming, the listener tends to focus on the strum patterns of the guitarist. Much like in the breakdown, when they song slows down and is all death growls and a specific choppy rhythm. During the breakdown the aspect of silence is so crucial, because what makes their complicated strumming so impressive is the pauses in between notes and how...

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