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91. The financial implications of fewer than expected visitors are severe. The projected lifetime commercial income has fallen by more than half since 1997, to just £85 million.[267] The danger of insufficient ticket receipts was acknowledged by Mr Ayling in February 1999, when he said: "The risk area is in the receipts that we get through the gate, the numbers of people going, the kinds of people who will be coming, whether or not we are able to get the occupancy that we are planning for, and that of course will be expecting a very high degree of consistency throughout the whole of the year which will take quite some management".[268] The over-optimistic visitor forecast affected not only the Company's revenue but also its costs. For example, original staffing levels and Dome infrastructure were determined by the expected number of visitors.92. From the middle of 1997, to the opening of the Dome there appear to have been no systematic endeavours to revise the visitor number forecasts. NMEC and the Millennium Commission put their trust in opinion poll evidence and do not appear to have reconsidered their underlying business assumptions in the light of the transport strategy, the strength of the pound, or the establishment of the Dome's ticket prices.93. The introduction of one million free tickets for school children has undoubtedly had a negative effect on visitor numbers. It has also introduced a two-tier system of visiting for children since those on free visits have had their access to parts of the Dome limited. Ms Page believed that free tickets had had a negative impact on costs and income because of the additional staff and facilities required, and because those children did not return to the Dome with their families as paying visitors to the extent that had been expected.[269] Ms Page has criticised the introduction of free school trips; "The more children going with schools, the fewer families go, so you lose adults which was a key part of the business plan". She added that free trips had seriously hurt visitor numbers and meant organisers "couldn't do some things".[270] On the other hand, had free school visits not been offered, NMEC would undoubtedly have been criticised on those grounds. In retrospect, in view of this being a worthwhile education project it might have been that...

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The Millennium Dome Essay

2084 words - 8 pages Commission during the year 2000. It is quite proper that expenditure on that scale should be subject to political examination and accountability. The level of Parliamentary scrutiny was summarised in the most recent Annual Report in which it stated that more than 1,000 questions on the Dome have been asked in Parliament, and that this Committee had by then undertaken four inquiries into the Dome.[113] Lord Falconer agreed that, as such a large

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928 words - 4 pages architects used the most advanced technology for their time and discovered new, more sufficient, ways to build. The Romans are known for they're mastery of the arch, but in 125 AD Rome, Italy mastered the dome. No other architectural structure in history has surpassed the Pantheon's magnificence, but when one does, this time, we'll get the architect's name.Bibliography:Macaulay, David. Building Big. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2000.MacDonald

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1032 words - 5 pages wants a "pleasure dome" built for him. Yet, this steady opening changes course along with its meter. As the poem continues in the second and third stanzas with intensifying description of nature the meter changes as well, But oh! that deep romantic chasm which slanted Down the green hill athwart a cedarn cover! A savage place! as holy and enchanted The syllables in each line grow in number from eight syllables up to twelve, and vary in each line

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2329 words - 9 pages .? 15 Nov. 2003 <> 7.Gibson, Katharine.? The Goldsmith of Florence.? New York:? Books for Libraries Press, 1967. 8.?Giotto?s Bell Tower?.? Vivifirenze.? 15 Nov, 2003 <> 9.King, Ross.? Brunelleschi?s Dome.? New York: Walker & Company, 2000. 10.Kradel, Kimberly.? ?A Bit of Grace: The Hidden Treasures of Grace Cathedral? 21 Nov. 2003 &lt

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792 words - 3 pages Recently, many people believed to have witnessed via a viral video, U.F.O. (unidentified flying object) sighting directly above the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel, yet solid research quickly disproved this occurrence as another contemporary hoax. Sightings such as this one dates back to June 24th, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold reportedly saw a “flying saucer” (Dash). There are many people around the world, who believe wholeheartedly in

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1735 words - 7 pages this beautiful volcano in our grasp. I had the pleasure of climbing to the peak of Mt. St. Helens on July 15, 2000, almost twenty years after it had erupted. Whether you are a geologist enthusiast or not, it is easy to become enchanted and fascinated by such an incredible piece of geological history. As time passes on, the lava dome in Mt. St. Helens continues to grow; becoming this magnificent existence that nature has given us. The volcano

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793 words - 4 pages design. The Pantheon consists of two different parts the first is a porch surrounded by classic Greek architecture columns made of marble. The second part of the building is a circular Roman style made entirely of brick and concrete with dome as a roof. The only sources of lighting in the Pantheon are the two large bronze doors and the oculus at the top of the dome. Where the Cathedral of Chartres resembles French gothic style architecture made

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1282 words - 6 pages than 8,000 anesthesia-free operations were performed in the Ether Dome at Mass General Hospital, coincidentally the birthplace of the first surgery “without pain” (Mass General). On October 16th, 1846 the world of surgery changed forever. Taking place in the Ether Dome at Mass General Hospital was the surgical removal of a tumor in a man’s neck. The surgeon was the world renowned Doctor John Warren. Before Doctor Warren could slice into the man’s

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735 words - 3 pages were dome stadiums. The dome stadiums were Kingdome and the Astrodome. In this era, many stadiums had turf fields like the four stadiums above. The capacities of the stadiums were larger as well ranging from 42,217(Astrodome) to 59,166 (Kingdome). All stadiums in this era were multiuse stadiums, many housing both baseball and football teams as all of the above stadiums did. The cost for the stadiums ranged from $35 million (Astrodome) all the way


1162 words - 5 pages to turn the tapes over in July by the Supreme Court. (Staff). Another scandal is the Teapot Dome Scandal. This scandal happed in October 1923 and Albert B. Fall was found guilty. Fall was part of the President Harding’s cabinet and was the first person in the cabinet to be convicted of a crime. The Scandal was about the oil reserves in Wyoming and the Senate Public Lands Committee did an investigation that found $400,000 (Cabinet member guilty in

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1388 words - 6 pages airport in IsraNow in order to leave you had to cross borders and leave from Jordan - What Hashappened is by 2000 Palestinians are tired and complaining. Don?t feel like they have control of their land. - Ariel Sharone (what he said, he did) What is the significance of dome of the rock? - For muslims, it is important for the prophet in Night Journey and for Jews it?s the temple that was destroyed by the Romans. - What new group do we have in

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1053 words - 4 pages and replacing roof panels. The Millennium Experience Company roped in £750 million from national lottery money, private companies and other sponsorships.The dome was built to hold the millennium exhibition till the end of Dec 2000 and then to be sold to a private investor.The current Problem:Since the Millennium Dome was closed for visitors from 31st Dec, 2000, the Millennium Experience Company has been facing financial crisis in running

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