The Dome Of The Rock In Jerusalem And U.F.O. Sightings

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Recently, many people believed to have witnessed via a viral video, U.F.O. (unidentified flying object) sighting directly above the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Israel, yet solid research quickly disproved this occurrence as another contemporary hoax. Sightings such as this one dates back to June 24th, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold reportedly saw a “flying saucer” (Dash). There are many people around the world, who believe wholeheartedly in unidentified flying objects. Moreover, when Mr. Arnold made his claim of seeing a U.F.O., there were many futile arguments between believers and non-believers. Nowadays however, thanks to modern technology, people can record the alleged sighting by means such as video and still picture. In so doing, this allows public opportunity to view and judge via the internet or print media the validity of a U.F.O.

A number of weeks ago, I saw online this exact video which not just caught my eye, but also millions of people’s attention as well. This U.F.O. sighting shows a light hovering above the Dome of The Rock, in Jerusalem, Israel. This location is known as arguably one of the holiest sites in the history of the world according to both Judaism and Islam. Not only did the object hover, but it displayed a flash-like strobe light and sped upwards towards space afterwards. After viewing this video clip on the internet, I, a skeptic who does not believe in the concept of U.F.O.’s began to think that perhaps this was credible.

However, after contemplating this mysterious video a bit further, I thought there should be at least more than just one sighting in such a large crowded tourist attraction and historical location. After searching for a few seconds on for possible other points of views, I found only two other vantage points. Hence, I started to doubt the credibility of this sighting because in such a crowded location with that many bystanders, I would think that there would be thousands of people who witnessed this not just this with their own eyes, but also recorded it.

It goes without saying that I found my doubt and skepticism to be in good company with other non-believers such as Benjamin Radford, Discovery News’s In-House Skeptic. He brings the following as one of just a few reasons he always uses to debunk such sightings. Many believers use modern technology to...

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