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The Door In Our Mind Essay

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At the beginning of every human life we are born with an open mind later to be molded. Once the molding reaches a certain stage the door closes and our journey to become who we are begins. As a young child they are introduced to new environments, people and surroundings and they are molded into who they will become; a process called socialization. Socialization is a process of learning one’s culture; it must be done at an early age to have the proper effects on the child. This process is done naturally when the door in the child’s mind is wide open. However, there are cases when socialization is done in an unnatural way or not at all. Two primary examples of these cases of ...view middle of the document...

Adding onto what Locke said was Freud’s idea that the mind is made up of two things, our consciousness and our unconsciousness. Our consciousness is what we already know and our unconsciousness is a closed door filled with our thoughts, feelings, urges, and memories that are unpleasant and have been pushed from our consciousness. Freud then said that our early childhood would become one of the biggest factors in one’s personality; that for the first five to six years of life children go through several psychological stages. Freud continues his idea by theorizing that our personalities are made up of the id, superego, and ego. Our id is found in our unconsciousness, it is the idea that we are constantly saying “me, me, me.” The superego, also found in our unconsciousness, is what tells us right from wrong and makes us feel guilty. The ego, found in our consciousness, is the balance between the id and superego. All three are linked together, the id is what makes a hungry child tempted to steal a candy bar, the superego is what makes the child feel extremely guilty for what he has done, and the ego is what balances the two out.
Erik Erikson then took Freud’s theories and added on to them by focusing on the psychological development or the development between our social environment and within our relationships. Erikson believed that the stages we go through dictate that we must gain a certain insight at a predetermined time, these insights then build on top of each other, like building blocks. Starting off at a young age, we learn the difference between trust and mistrust, then we learn autonomy verses shame or guilt, followed by industry and inferiority. If these three stages are not learned at an early age socialization becomes difficult and near impossible, if they are not learned at all there is no hope for the child to live in a social environment. These three theories are all built off one another, adding on each other and creating what we know about socialization today. Socialization is the creation of every human being, it is what molds us into who we are today and without it there is no hope for survival.
The importance of socialization is linked to the importance of knowing one’s culture. Socialization is a detailed learning process of one’s culture, or the way we live. When done properly this process will mold the child into who they will become one day. It is done every day in families and through out everyone’s life. It begins at a young age when the child is the most susceptible to learning habits and their mind is a blank slate. From this point parents, or caregivers, teach the child how to interact with others and within society, how to talk and behave. As these habits become permanently painted onto the child’s blanks slated mind the child begins to develop more and more into who they will become one day (Barken, 2012). As the child grows older and older it becomes more obvious rather or not...

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