The Double Life Of Athletes Using Steroids

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The Double Life of Athletes Using Steroids

Some Athletes in society today are considered heroes despite their double lives. Their drug use and violence are brushed aside while leading their teams to victory.

Who is your hero? If that question was asked to a group of people, some might think of loved ones or family, and some may talk about doctors, firemen, or even a teacher. However, most would probably say their hero was some celebrity or star athlete. While some celebrities and athletes can justifiably be labeled "heroes", there are some people who may appear to be heroic, but lead a completely different life off the field.
Even movies in Hollywood mirror this double lifestyle. After watching Any Given Sunday in class I was appalled by the casual drug use in the film by two particular football players. During the day these two men made tremendous strides for their team (the Sharks), but at night these men were completely different. They were snorting cocaine and other illegal drugs while they appeared to be entertained by prostitutes. Even though this movie was not based on a true story, it can very well resemble the truth in athletics today.
There are several athletes who have been arrested and convicted of crimes, however three men have been the center of attention for the past few years. Players such as Daryl Strawberry, Michael Irvin, and Ray Lewis have proved to be heroes for their team and even the sports they play for, but their lives are far less than heroic. Drug use, sexual assault, and murder are the charges brought upon some of these men.
Daryl Strawberry had always seemed like a natural when it came to baseball. He was a starting player for the Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants, and the New York Yankees. The Yankees labeled him a "Star Outfielder". Playing professional since 1983, he was an all-star player for eight consecutive years. Some people probably thought of him as a hero, but failed to know the whole truth.
Daryl Strawberry's problems with his personal life seemed to have surfaced around 1990. That year he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and was allegedly going to use the weapon on his wife. That same year, he was an all-star player. In 1993 he was arrested for hitting his girlfriend while helping the L.A. Dodgers score 675 runs that season. 1995 was also an interesting year for Strawberry. In that year alone he was charged with failing to pay child support, owed $350,000 in back taxes which confined him for six months in his home (except for baseball games of course!), and still played with the Yankees to help them finish 2nd in the American League Eastern Division.
Just four years later in 1999 he was arrested and put on eighteen months probation for drug and solicitation charges. He was also suspended that year from baseball, but was allowed to participate in postseason batting. Just this past October (2000), Strawberry was put under house arrest for 2...

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