The Double Life Of Closeted Gays

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Imagine living your life pretending to be someone you are not. Of course hiding who you really are is going to have an effect on you in many ways. In “The Shadow Side of Everyday Life,” Zweig and Abrams suggest that every person has a shadow and “the shadow acts like a psychic immune system, defining what is self and what is not-self”(325). They also believe that our shadows contain dark qualities. When a homosexual person passes as straight, they suppress a dark shadow that is hidden from the world. Although, having a double life is often seen having a primarily psychological origin there are also social reasons that homosexuals choose that lifestyle. Laws such as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and same-sex marriage laws are some social causes that contribute to self-concealment. There are also psychological reasons such as family relationships and bullying that lead to living a double life. What can we do to stop this dilemma and make our society better? We can treat gays to stop being gay or inform society that being gay is not a choice depending on whether they chose that lifestyle or not.
Social causes such as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and same-sex marriage laws contribute to homosexuals choosing to hide their real self. In the military, many homosexual soldiers are being punished for not liking the opposite sex. In Burks article, “Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Victimization in the Military” he describes the struggles service members face. Burk explains that if a homosexual does not hide his sexual orientation than he or she will be discharged from the military. Between 1980 and 2009 over 32,000 service members were discharged due to their sexual-orientation. Also, sexual assault and sexual harassment is very common among service members who do not hide behind a heterosexual facade (Burk, par. 1-2). Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was created as an effort to end the long standing prohibition of homosexuals from serving in the military. Although they can’t refuse them in the military, there are restrictions such as not telling anyone about their own sexuality (Burk, par. 5). In “The Shadow Side of Everyday life,” Zweig and Abrams inform us about how our personalities do not wish to acknowledge our shadow and in result, neglects, forgets, and buries it, then results is discovering it in uncomfortable confrontations with others (236). Military service members do not want to acknowledge their sexual orientation because if they do it will end in getting kicked out of the military. This is wrong because no matter if the service member is gay or straight, they are still fighting for our country and saving the lives of people in our societies, regardless of being harassed and victimized by them daily because of their sexual orientation. This law does not give a homosexual the choice to be their real self, instead it forces them to remain closeted.
Same-sex marriage is another social controversy that results in homosexuals passing as straight. Many states do not allow...

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