The Doubts Of The Past Flow Into The Dreams Of The Future

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The Doubts of the Past Flows into the Dreams of the Future
At the end of Anne Moody’s Coming of Age in Mississippi, Anne and a bunch of Negroes, and some Whites, all pile into a bus on its way to Washington because the Negroes believe that this is the moment that things are finally going to change by showing and telling Washington what is really happening in Mississippi. As the bus is on its way, the people inside began to sing “We Shall Overcome” for probably the whole duration of the trip. All of them are singing, except for Anne. Although everyone else is excited and hopeful, she is the only person who is melancholic due to her developed doubts about the future ever changing because of her past, her failures, and her reflections of others she has come to witness and know. Her doubts are revealed in her final words in her book, “I WONDER. I really WONDER.”
The formation of Anne’s doubts all came from within the past years of her life up until she got on the bus. From the moment she could understand the world around her, it was the starting point of an unconscious buildup of frustration and entrapment that began to form due to her being denied many things in life as well as a lack of a supporting role model. As she grows older, Anne would continue to expand this unknown bubble within her as she continues to be denied by world she lives in, as she begins to question everything that has caught her interest, and her accumulation of “failures”, as in either “Accomplishment of No Acknowledgement” or “Actual” failures. All of the examples listed are the more general influences of Anne’s doubt development.
As a child of a Negro family, Anne, or Essie as she named then, and her family were already in poverty to begin with. They lived some distance from a plantation that both of her parents worked on, which was the start of all of Anne’s troubles. Due to both of her parents working in the field, Essie and Adline, her sister, were watched by their uncle, George Lee, who actually physically and mentally abused Anne due to him thinking that Adline and her “prevented him from enjoying his favorite pastime” , which was to roam the woods. Essie sucked up the abuse because there was nothing she could do about, but once the abuse was found out, George ran away and everything seemed okay until he came back the next day and burned the house day with Adline and her in it, which was averted due to her parents and the other Negroes rushing to stop the fire. After that, Essie’s family fell into a depression where her parents would constantly fight with each other and a lot of their frustrations were taken out on Essie herself, plus, it did not help that Essie’s mother, Toosweet, was pregnant as well, which meant that she could not help to support the family, further increasing the family’s frustration. This soon led to the discovery of Essie’s father’s affair with another woman, which led to the sudden divorce of her parents and the immediate move...

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