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The Downfall Of A Dictator Essay

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Adolf Hitler: Downfall of a DictatorPulling Germany out of the Great Depression and being the leader that the Germans needed and wanted for their devastating situation, Adolf Hitler's quickly rose to power and became the fuehrer of Germany. He said exactly what the Germans needed to hear and promised to bring glory back to Germany, undo the Treaty of Versailles and pull them out of the crisis. However as he did so, he blamed the Jewish people for all of Germany's problems, but by then majority of the people were very loyal to the fuehrer. Anyone who dared to oppose to Hitler faced terrible consequences, usually resulting in death. However by the end of the second world war Hitler's reign started to fall since the situation in Germany went from serious to hopeless in a matter of weeks. The film Downfall, directed by Oliver Hirshbiegel, portrays how Hitler's great nationalistic pride and collapse of Germany led to suicide rather than being captured when Hitler's downfall became inevitable.Through manipulation and lying propaganda, a treacherous dictator, Adolf Hitler, came into office in Germany on the 23rd of March on 1933. In 1921, Hitler first became the chairman of the Nazi party but is soon arrested and convicted of high treason. Hitler published a book called Mein Kampf. After prison Hitler is appointed as Hindenburg's chancellor of Germany in 1933. Hitler became the fuehrer of Germany after Hindenburg dies in 1934. However as Hitler came to power, he gained the blinded loyalty of majority of Germany, securing his position as Fuhrer. People were very loyal to Hitler since he helped Germany during the Great depression and won over the middle class and everyone else who felt their economies was being threatened. He played on national resentments, feelings of revolt and desire for strong leadership and persuasion Hitler shown to be a Germany's "redeemer and messianic savior". Through secrecy Hitler built up his army and navy even though it was forbidden in the Versailles Treaty by giving instructions to begin the construction of large warships, submarines, an army, along with the Nazi youth. After violating the Treaty of Versailles from WWI several times with no reaction from the Britain, France and other allies Germany invaded Poland, and Great Britain and France declared war on Germany in 1939. After a many axis successes, the tables turn and the allied powers start beating the axis powers. In 1944 the allies invade Western Europe in June 6, D-Day. But the successes didn't last too long, soon the Russian troops invaded Berlin and Hitler, along with his wife, committed suicide.As Hitler rose to power, Hitler was capable of gaining support quickly. Hitler rose in Germany when Germany most needed him and helped Germany survive the Great Depression. Hitler easily won over the middle class and everyone who was economically threatened. Hitler showed Germany that he was Germany's "redeemer and messianic savior" through strong leadership and...

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