The Downfall Of China Essay

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The Downfall of China

China is the perfect example of what happens when one leader is given to much

power. The leaders of China were each very afraid of social reform, and the

consequences that outside influence may have on their customs. As a means of initiating

reform, they shut the entire Western world out almost completely. At the time it was a

move that served China well but in the long run it was the downfall of China. While

blindfolded, the Chinese were unable to see the great advancements of the Western

world. With an egocentric government, the Chinese citizens were neglected outside of the

palace walls and the country fell to shambles. Instead of stimulating economic growth the

government suppressed it as the rest of the world advanced. While focused on fear of

internal rebellion the Chinese leaders overlooked the status of their army and were not

prepared for the rest of the world as they fell so far behind in almost every advancement.

Had China remained in contact with the Western world it would have been possible for

them to be as advanced a civilization as the Western world.

As the Chinese government had their head buried in the sand with worry over

losing control of their empire, they neglected to maintain the basic essentials of a

functional country. All of China's canals eventually decayed as they were left unrepaired

for years, the ironworks that China once prided itself one became obsolete with out a

second look, and the army itself was no match for any Western army. The merchants

were of no avail to the poor Chinese civilians as their profits on land and education.

Upon shutting out the rest of the world China had forbidden the use of a printing press.

The expression of social criticism and news of the outside world was banned. The people

of China had no idea what was happening. When the doors had been shut from the

outside world Europe was not as highly advanced as China. Europeans lived in crowded

cities with rodents and foul odors. The Chinese for a period of time lived with the fresh

scent of flowers and tea. As China internally decayed the citizens had nothing to compare

it to for they had always been ahead of Europe in almost everything for so many


After the thirteenth century Western civilization flourished. In Western Europe the

governments encouraged industrial growth and individual commerce as a means of

keeping ahead of the competition. With each distinct country competing with each other a

variety of individual trades were created eventually sparking the Industrial Revolution.

As a result of heavily trading around the world, each country became very wealthy, and

as such their internal economies grew. In Great Britain without government suppression

on individual companies they were able to build the most powerful...

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