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The Downfall Of Napoleon Essay

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How did a man with a promising military career loose it so quickly? Napoleon was one of the greatest military minds but did not always use it correctly, which eventually led to his downfall. This essay will explain what led to the downfall of Napoleon.
Napoleon's military motto was concentrating on an enemy?s weak spot, capitalizing on it, and using it to crush them. After serving in the revolutionary army, napoleon distinguished himself in the military and gained the directory?s attention when he suppressed a riot in Paris. As Napoleon?s armies swept through Europe, the Europeans welcomed the French, thinking they were there to liberate them. When napoleon took over a country, he replaced its rulers with his own rulers and outfitted the country to suit his needs. Nationalistic pride streamed through Europe and people wanted freedom from French domination.
They resisted the continental system ? the system Napoleon set up ? based on Roman government, because it was cutting off their supply?s as it was aimed as destroying the British economy. Conflict broke out and Portugal violated the blockade against the British trade and Spain revolted against Napoleon?s brother?s rule. These small revolts resulted in guerrilla warfare ? small bands of troops that attack in short bursts. Napoleons worst battle was in Russia and it led to his downfall. Napoleon amassed a huge army when Czar Alexander I refused to suppress British trade, and marched on Russia in 1812. Napoleon wanted to fight the Russians in one big battle but the Russians, seeing that they were vastly outnumbered, withdrew and went back to Russia to build a better army. As they went back to Russia the instituted a ?scorched earth policy?, meaning, that they burned everything that might be of value to the French army. This greatly hindered the French army because unlike other army?s, Napoleon?s army did not have a supply of food trailing after them, whatever they could find of what they could capture, they were entitled to. Now, there was nothing to eat because everything had been burned. When Napoleon got to Moscow, he found it empty. He stayed in Moscow for a month, hoping that the Czar would surrender. But, as winter approached, his troops were...

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