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The Downfall Of Our Guardians Essay

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Screams fill the air as a missile fires at the unsuspecting Guardian. The bullet penetrates his side, as he lets out a loud cry. Everyone on the island is in shock, staring at our enormous, statue-like Guardian fall; our God has fallen…. Then, through the clouds of smoke appears another missile, fired at our second, sole-surviving Guardian, who was trying to help her husband. She, too, takes a bullet to her side and lets out a tremendous shriek and doubles over in an instant, shrinking from over a thousand feet tall of marble to what seems like a mere 300 feet, then to nothing more than rubble. Our beloved kingdom, Liberty, is under attack.
Panic spreads through the streets. As I attempt to ...view middle of the document...

I have no concept of time anymore, only the sequence of events that lay behind me.
Finally, I reach a sister island. I am aided by the citizens of Independence State of my kingdom, Liberty. They silently hand us blankets and food as we all stare, mesmerized, in the direction of the mainland. The buildings that used to stand so tall and confidently, have crumbled to the ground and the mainland is up in flames. Even the air here contains smoke from the horrendous inferno that took so many to their graves. Wanting to turn away, but unable to, I take a deep breath and become aware of a sharp pain shooting through my body. I then look down and realize how battered I look: full of a mixture of wet debris and blood that turned into the paste now plastered onto my skin. My hair is in the same disheveled array. I start to cry silently to myself. My tears leave streaks on my face, diluting the foul mixture. I cannot take the sight anymore of the mainland or of my physical state. Out of pure exhaustion and grief, I collapse.
I awaken hours later in an army-green cot at a makeshift hospital made for refugees. Slowly taking breaths through my oxygen mask, I gradually remember what happened earlier and why I am in so much agony both emotionally and physically.
I ask a nurse nearby what the time is, and she replies solemnly, “Noon”.
Confused because of the lack of light, I ask her once again, “What time is it?”
She once again replies, but more silently this time, “Noon”.
Then I become aware that what lay above me is not the sky I know and love, but one full of smoke and devastation. My breathing begins to quicken and the nurse hastily returns to my side and gives me a sedative. Hours later, I awaken from my drug induced slumber after what seems like a lifetime. The young nurse is by my bedside weeping and shaking her head.
I gently ask her what time it is once again, and through her sobs, she replies, “Four”.
The sky is still dark and full of smoke. I take...

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