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The Downside Of Social Media And Technology

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As children of the 90’s, and previously, we spent childhood days outside discovering things in the woods and exploring everything we could. With minds full of ideas and with our imaginations running wild, we were engineers of possibilities. Days were passed playing make-believe and running amuck with friends. Time passed slowly and enjoyment came from the friends we shared our imaginings with. This pure creation has taken a nose dive over the past generations. Imagination is slowly being snuffed out by technology. With the advancements in modern technology, such as social media, people have become more self-absorbed and the pace of life has increased. Not only does this technology spike affect the adult and teen world, but it can cause huge problems in the development of children. The digital world is one of creation and ingenuity; however, this is only partially true because it is actually an escape from reality. With technology, kids no longer have to come up with ideas all on their own. Why should they spend their energy being creative when they can find an idea online in about two minutes?
Social media is a growing fad in the world. Teenagers are constantly checking for status updates and are posting new things online. Instead of actually enjoying moments with each other our generation has become obsessed with documenting. Pictures and statuses are posted immediately after something occurs. Picture this… A basketball game is tied up at the last minute. One team has the ball and they work their way down the court. The player takes a shot, but misses! There’s only five seconds left and the other team catches the rebound, passes it up the court to a teammate who makes a half court shot just as the buzzer sounds. The stands explode into a sea of excitement and fans are cheering everywhere. Now pause this scene and zoom in on some of the spectators. Instead of jumping, hugging, and cheering, they are looking down at their phone putting up a picture of the game from about three minutes ago, oblivious to and rejecting the excitement trying to claim their attention from all around. Rather than enjoying the game and saving their messages for later, those people absorbed in their technology missed the most exciting point of the game. In a recent study, researchers found that over thirty-seven percent of people at parties are also on their phones. In the same study, they found that thirty-five percent uses their phones while playing with their kids and thirty-six percent uses them while out at restaurants (Statistic Brain, 2013). If people are so busy uploading pictures and texting about what just occurred they are missing out on the actual moment. The values of such moments are priceless, yet they are being wasted by people’s inability to escape their virtual worlds.
Another downside to social media is an increase in the self absorbency and fragility of teenagers. People have become more obsessed with appearance than ever. It is more...

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