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The Draft Essay

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“We’ll phone your parents to inform them to pick you up,” the security man told us and gave us one glance and left. How did we end up this mess? First, we were at our first day of high school and BOOM now we’re here waiting for our parents to get the very descriptive explanation from the police officer. Not all parents want to hear that their kids went to jail or well sort of jail; it has the same gray walls and iron, skinny poles separating us from the exit. You might be wondering how my friends and I got here. If only I could tell you. I actually never got it got it myself why we ended up here, some of my friends weren’t suppose to be here they just got dragged along, but one way or another they ended up here. Maybe, you can decide that it was right or wrong for us to be here.
This is how it all went down. I was walking up the sidewalk up to my very first day of high school. I awed at the sight of the school, it’s a drastic change from my normal surroundings. I mustered up some courage and I walked up to all my best friends: Caleigh, Reina, Alexia, Karina, and Carolina. We have known each other since forever, well if you call about 6th grade forever.
“Hey guys!” I quickly hugged all of them; we actually just saw each other yesterday to prep us up for the day, like we need it. Right?
“Ok the plan is to NOT embarrass ourselves especially in front of the seniors . Got it?” Caleigh deadpanned. We all nodded, for once we all agree.
“Look over there,” Karina nudged Alexia and we looked, “He is cute, really cute.” There was a guy with dark brown hair and brown soulful eyes; he was wearing a simply black t-shirt with black jeans.
“You dont have the guts,” Alexia pointed out.
“Me? Not have guts. Pleaaase, girl. I could so do it. Watch and learn, ladies,” she announced and did a little dance before she casually walked up to him. what i meant by casually I meant by looking like a half-dead sea horse trying to walk with two broken flippers. She walked towards him even if we cant see what Karina’s actions were, we could see the boys pretty well. His face was a mixture of confusion and awkwardness, then it turn to irritation. O my gosh this isnt going to end well.
“Should we help her?” i whispered to Carolina, but she replied, “No, it’ll pass over.” I believed her so I kept watching this fiasco; it came from good expression to angry expression.
Before we knew it Karina defeated and rejected acme over to us. I dont even know why or how but i was mad!
“Awwww its ok,” Alexia said and hugged Karina, well there wasn't a time they didn’t hug. I didnt even know where the fury came from but I was furious, so I stomped over to him and his posse and I slapped him, hard. He was way taller in person and more scarier, but he deserved it. “What the-” before he could say anything bad to me I ran to my friends. They looked very surprised, but not as surprised as me. I didnt even realize how many people were watching me until I actually looked around. I...

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