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The Drama Of Scripture Book Report

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The Drama of Scripture Book Report

The Drama of Scripture Book Report

I found it extremely enjoyable to read the Drama of Scripture, by Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen. Never having read the Bible from cover to cover, this book allowed me to see a general overview of the common themes in the bible in chronological order. The three things that I found most significant to me were first, the common theme of good in the Old Testament, and then watching that good crumble; second, the overwhelming need for Jesus at the end of the Old Testament, and finally the way the Hebrews felt about Jesus not living up to what they thought the Messiah should be.

I loved reading Barthalemew and Goheen's (2004) overview of the Old Testament it was helpful for me to clearly see the destruction of humans, and the need for Christ. By the end of the Old Testament I was tired of watching humans fail, and ready for Jesus to enter the story. For those who lack a unified prospective of the Bible, The Drama of Scripture lays the Bible out in a clear way. From Adam and Eve eating the apple thus bringing sin into the world, the Israelites finally being given their promise land, then through gambling, worshiping false gods, adultery and not at all living up to being a light to the rest of the world they were kicked out of Israel, the many leaders rose and fell, the list of failures goes on and on. In the midst of these failures, the prophets begin to speak of a coming Messiah. The common reassurance of this prophesies brings hope to this dismal world.

I also found it very interesting to read about the Hebrews perspective on Jesus. Bartholemew and Gohem (2004) did a nice job summarizing Jesus' life, and identifying the concerns the...

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