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The Drawback Of Fracking Are Far Too Great To Ignore

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“We don’t turn on the water well anymore because we are afraid that [the water] will explode and catch the house on fire” states one Pennsylvania family who lives near a series of fracking wells (Fox). Fracking, known to the scientific community as hydraulic fracturing, gives people access to natural gas that lies “thousands of feet” below Earth’s surface (“Fracking”). The process involves drilling holes into Earth’s surface, at which point freshwater mixed with chemicals is pumped into rock formations underground. The chemicals force the rock formations to fracture, and natural gas companies such as Halliburton are able to extract the natural gas within the rock formations (“Fracking”). ...view middle of the document...

The United States currently has no long term plan for the storage of this wastewater, and the government is quickly realizing that “water treatment and sewage facilities are not equipped to accommodate fluid of this kind” (“Fracking”).
Fracking has also been known to cause earthquakes. For example, on March 12, 2014, two small earthquakes occurred near a local fracking site (Fountain A20). Additionally, in 2012, a fracking site, along with any sites within five miles of the area, was shut down after causing multiple earthquakes (Fountain A20). Fracking has been linked to earthquakes in many other states as well, such as Oklahoma and Arkansas. The solutions used in fracking are thought to “unclamp old faults” deep in the Earth’s crust (Fountain A20). This causes “a dramatic increase in earthquakes” in any areas surrounding fracking wells (Conan).
Fracking has been indicted in widespread water contamination. Contamination of groundwater through the fracking process is clearly evident in nearby residents’ wells. For example, in 2004, Wyoming residents reported that their water had turned brown after fracking had been done in the area (Lustgarten and Kustnetz). In the same area, in 2010, the EPA cautioned residents “not to drink their water and to ventilate their homes when they bathed, because the methane [in the water] could cause an explosion” (Lustgarten and Kusnetz). In the natural gas-centered documentary Gasland, footage is shown of water being lit on fire, after being contaminated by the fracking process. Other people who have been made victims by fracking wells stated that they “lived here forty years and never had a problem with the water…[and] after they drilled, the water was bad” (Fox).
Finally, fracking has been linked to a multitude of mysterious illnesses. According to one Oklahoma resident, “our water is undrinkable right now…[and] the neighbor’s kids are sick all the time” (Conan). In heavily fracked areas, doctors are seeing a rise in symptoms such as nausea, headaches, and dizziness in people who had never reported such symptoms previously (Fox). ...

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