The Disadvantages Of Year Round Education

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“Have a nice summer.” This is a phrase that students could possibly be saying goodbye to thanks to Year Round Education. Year Round Education balances the 180 days of learning with more frequent breaks (“Balanced). But, are all of those small breaks really necessary. Some say that, there are already too many breaks with in the regular school year (“Balanced). In short, the balanced calendar reduces summer break and makes smaller frequent breaks year round (“Balanced). But, those breaks could hurt students more than help them. Sadly, it all started when the first schedule was created and used in Bluffton, Indiana in 1904 (“History). Texas, New Jersey, North Dakota, Nebraska, Tennessee and Pennsylvania were some other states that started to use Year Round Education between the years of 1910 and 1938 (“History). It could have started small but instead the trend grew quickly around the rest of the United States, but it did not come without concerns. Year Round Education causes more problems like schools spending more money than usual and parents stressing out over altered schedules; although teachers may find more job satisfaction with this transformed school calendar.
In this day in age schools are spending more money than they already have; now add in the cost for Year Round Education and school will be far in debt. Ultimately, this type of education requires greater resources (“Costs), and superintendents are forced to spend. Districts actually spend about 3% more with Year Round Education (“Costs), than schools that have the traditional summer break. People are generally opposed to this extra spending. Some of this extra money is spent on remediation and supplemental instruction for students (“Costs). A great deal of remediation occurs during summer school in a traditional schedule. Without this summer break schools are forced to squeeze this remediation into the smaller breaks and even in the normal school day (“Costs). This change means more costs for the district. Even the costs associated with switching to this new schedule can be a major concern (Brozak). Eight schools in Virginia went back to Traditional Education because of costs. (“Costs). The most dramatic change in costs to schools are happening due to scheduling changes (Valenzuela). This fact is agreeable because the schools are going from being able to save money when the school is not used during the summer to using more money to keep it open all year round. There are two types of costs, Operational and Transitional, that schools have to look at. Operational Costs will also increase because of the school being used all year round (Valenzuela). Examples of Operational Costs are expanding staffing requirements, utilities, and transportation needs (Brozak). Schools also need to take into account Transitional Costs that include administrative planning, staff development, storage space, and air conditioning (Brozak). These Transitional Costs also increase with Year Round Schooling....

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