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Lydia grabbed a strand of hair, absently stuck it in her mouth, and began to suck on it. It was a nervous habit that she'd been trying to break for years. Nothing worked. It didn't help that this was her first day at Lawndale High, a brand-new school whose construction had only been finished the past summer. Lydia's previous high school had been over populated, so they built LH to send half the students to. Lydia was one of those students chosen. More than half her friends were not.She walked through the halls by herself, searching for her locker. She couldn't remember if it was just to the left of that door, or the right... She paced back and forth in front of the two sets of lockers, trying desperately to remember. That was another fault of hers; she was forgetful.Totally absorbed in her pacing and sucking, she didn't notice anyone coming down the hall. She smacked right into someone. "Hey," a kind voice said. "Watch it."Lydia looked up. And up. The strand of hair fell from her now open mouth to smack her cheek. Standing before her was nothing less than a Dream. "Hello," she whispered."Hi," laughed the Dream. It stuck out a hand. "I'm James. I'm new here."She reached out to rest her hand in Its. She was touching It; she was touching the Dream! "Lydia," she heard herself say.The Dream gave her hand a firm shake. "Looking for something Lydia?" It asked."Um, yeah, my locker.""You new here too?""Everyone's new here, idiot," said another voice. There was someone with the Dream that Lydia hadn't noticed before. Upon further examination, she realized that she knew him. It was her second cousin Michael.A sigh escaped her as she closed her eyes. Michael always knew how to make fun of her and make her feel bad about herself. And now that he'd seen her with the Dream..."Right," the Dream said. "But I mean I'm totally new here. Like, to the area. But anyway, we gotta get to class. It was nice meeting you though." It smiled. It had a mouth!Lydia managed to smile back. "Bye," she whispered.~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~At lunch that day, Lydia found a semi-friend of hers, Mari, eating a ham sandwich on the rear lawn. "Mari!" she squealed, plopping down beside her. "You will never, ever believe what I met today!""A talking Chihuahua?" Mari asked. "You know, like in those commercials...?""No." Lydia totally disregarded what Mari had said. Strange comments were typical from her. "A dream! THE Dream!""THE Dream...?" Mari repeated."Yes...," Lydia urged, voice implying that her friend should remember. "The guy that I always used to have those dreams about.""Oh!" exclaimed Mari. "The ones where you'd be dying and he'd come and save you somehow or something and then you'd go off to a tropical island and get married. Or something like that.""Yes! Exactly!" Lydia was even more excited now than she had been. She sat up on her knees in her nervousness."But I thought that was a DREAM," Mari continued. "I mean, key word there; DREAM."Lydia sighed for...

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998 words - 4 pages . Our Declaration of Independence recognizes every citizen's opportunity to obtain the rights of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." Despite attempts to reach happiness, our society has unconsciously tainted true, realistic pleasure and leaned its focus on materialistic objects. The American Dream is misdirected.The American Dream is the proposal of pure happiness. For generations past and even present, people revolve their lives around

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852 words - 4 pages Imagine working hard at a job that you kind of like. That job provides a way to purchase a house for your family and save for the future. A lot of Americans do this every day, and we call it The American Dream. Traditionally, Americans have sought the reach the American dream of success, fame and wealth through thrift and hard work. However, the industrialization of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries began to erode the dream, replacing

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367 words - 2 pages In movies, the “American Dream” is often referred to as having a perfect life. The American Dream in movies usually consists of white families with a big house, a mom named Mrs. Smith, a dad named Bob Smith,with a big property for the kids Bob Junior and little Suzy to play, a dog named Roaver, and a nice car for dad. Life is perfect. Dad would go work hard all day, and come home with dinner made. At dinner, he would tell Bob Junior

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1225 words - 5 pages The American Dream is known to be a hope for a better, richer, happier life for all citizens of every class. For almost all Americans, this entails earning a college degree, gaining a good job, buying a house, and starting a family. Although this seems wonderful, a large amount of the American population believes that the Dream has changed immensely because of increased prices in today’s society, the price of tuition being highly unaffordable

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996 words - 4 pages The American Dream is the familiar belief that anyone can attain success through consistent hard work and dedication. This is the infamously flawed ideology that F. Scott Fitzgerald explores throughout his critically acclaimed novel “The Great Gatsby”. The story unravels in the summer of 1922 and mainly within the state of New York, initially introducing the fictional ‘East and West Egg’— two comparable areas inhabited by America’s elite upper

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802 words - 4 pages Frances Scott Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, is written in the 1920’s setting and focuses on the American Dream. Gatsby, the protagonist, strives to make his American Dream, the achievement of wealth, social status, and family a reality but fails by paying the ultimate sacrifice—his life. Today, many people believe in coming to America to pursue the American Dream, yet they do not realize they are pursuing an inexistent achievement

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1114 words - 4 pages So what is the American dream?As you well know, we as a class early this term studied that exact subject. We defined it into words such as POWER, FREEDOM, LIBERTY, SUCCESS, WEALTH and to be NUMBER ONE.The denotative meaning of the American dream is given in the Random House Dictionary: 1. The ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available to every American. 2. A life of personal happiness and material comfort as

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669 words - 3 pages The “American dream” is the idea that happiness and material comfort are achievable by people of any background. However, the American dream is not strictly American; it lives throughout the world. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the characters are focused on living the American dream in the roaring 20’s. In this time period, people were abandoning their strict morals in lieu of parties and fun. Everyone had an optimistic outlook on

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909 words - 4 pages The idea of the American Dream emerged in the early days of the American settlement, with the majority of poor immigrants arriving to America seeking opportunities for a better life. The American Dream then spread with the Declaration of Independence that represents an attitude of hope (Wikipedia, 2016). The Declaration of Independence states that “all man are created equal and that they are endowed with certain unalienable rights, among which

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980 words - 4 pages Hope, a concept that must be prevalent in order to attain any dream, was something Jay Gatsby did not lack. In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, the motif of the American Dream arose with his turbulent love for Daisy. A love that ultimately made Gatsby pay the highest price: death. His dream, similar to most people, seemed largely impossible. Yet due to his hopeful nature, Jay Gatsby never surrendered his love for Daisy. Often times

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792 words - 4 pages Many people find themselves trying to live the so called “American Dream”. Based upon my research I found out that the American Dream stated that anyone could achieve a perfect life through hard work and determination. In my essay I will define exactly what the American dream is and how a person that considers themselves to be living this way would be described. I am not intending to bash anyone in the process, this essay is to give the

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