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Imagine this, going through high school having a 3.5 GPA, a four-year scholarship and having your dream university asking you to attend their school. Sounds awesome right? What happens when all of a sudden your four-year scholarship is taken away? Especially if this was your only financial resource that would help you attend school and all because you weren’t a U.S Citizen and your only hope happens to be the Dream Act. This bill will give undocumented students the opportunity to further their education and work their way to citizenship. Not only will these kids be helped, but they would also be able to help this economy become less flat as Thomas L. Friedman the author of the World Is Flat puts it. Friedman feels that foreign countries are now catching up to us and knows that we need to overcome all issues so that our economy won’t be as flat. The Dream Act will help undocumented students in the Yakima Valley be able to continue their education, not only will they help these kids, but these kids will end up helping this economy. Even though some U.S Citizens are against this law because they fear that this law will cause more people to come here illegally, but these kids could fill in the missing gaps that Friedman says, like the numbers gap, the education gap at the top, and the ambition gap. Not only will these Dreamers be helped, but they will also help fill the gaps in this economy.
This bill is to give undocumented students the opportunity to further their education and become U.S Citizens, but some U.S Citizens fear that this law will promote more undocumented people to cross the border illegally. Heather Mac Donald from the National Review states, “Making exceptions to the rule of law for sympathetic law-breakers only creates more law-breaking and more injustice towards the law-abiding in the future” (Mac Donald, National Review). She worries that instead of stopping people from crossing the border this law will attract more undocumented people. Also Donald feels that this law should not pass until we see more security when it comes to the borders. However, it doesn’t seem fair for undocumented students to put off their studies just for an immigration law to pass especially if this law keeps getting put off. They want to continue studying and be able to help this economy from having more gaps.
The first gap that seems to be affected would be the numbers gap, this gap is important because the United States is looking for people who are motivated to go into science. Friedman talks about how people who want to study science and want to work for NASA can’t because they aren’t qualify, especially if they are not U.S Citizens. How can we proceed to having better scientific discoveries if we don’t give these students a chance to show how they are willing to help. Friedman talks about how the NASA administrator Sean O’Keefe states, “Our mission of understanding and protecting our home planet and exploring the universe and searching for life...

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