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The Dried Out Facts Essay

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America is always looking for ways to make this nation better and healthier. The drive to stop the importation and use of illegal drugs is always a priority for police officers today. Important key factors such as illegal import from foreign countries and drug farms account for a vast amount of the drugs in the United States and how they got here. There are many programs and tactics that law enforcement is using today to attempt to deter and eliminate the use of drugs. Wasting tens of billions of dollars each year yields results that are disappointing and have not reduced the use of drugs. We need a new outlook on how to take care of these drug issues because it’s not going away and the ...view middle of the document...

What they should be doing is researching the reasons as to what causes people to use these drugs, then, using the money that they have invested in these agencies, the amount of new users would be cut and the issue would be eliminated.
Nobody today is surprised when they hear about a drug arrest. It is taken lightly and identifies that it won’t happen to them. Far too many people today are completely unaware of the consequences of dealing or using these drugs. Instead of research for reserved for law enforcement agencies, why not make this research publicly available? The objective of enforcement agencies is to investigate arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate persons in, possession or use of illegal drugs (Franco, 2009). The conclusion drawn from these objectives was not impressive in trying to eliminate the distribution of illegal drugs. The reason being is agencies are just giving users a slap on the wrist and sending them on their way. What should be happening instead are rehab classes that a geared more toward weaning users off the topic of drugs all together and focus on getting back into the workforce.
Today the methods being administered to combat drugs are aggressive and numerous. The issue with these tactics is as the government outlaws drugs, more laws will be created and will always have loopholes. People will always have ways of substituting specific ingredients to make it a “legal”...

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