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The Drink That Will Change Your Life!         Wouldn’t Be Great

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The Drink That Will Change Your Life! Wouldn't be great to be someone different? In today's world of advertising many advertisers are trying to make the average consumer feel as if being someone else is possible. The advertisers behind "Gatorade", "Tropicana", and "Dr. Pepper" use this type of advertising to attract buyers to their products. The following commercials are perfect examples of how advertisers exploit consumers. The advertisers achieve this by making them feel as if buying the product will change how they are perceived in society.Gatorade For years people have purchased the sports drink "Gatorade" in hopes of proving athletic performance. Why are people so determined that "Gatorade" will make them a better athlete? Hidden deep within the newest television commercial for Gatorade lays several subliminal messages delivered towards the consumer. This form of advertising may very well be the reason why Gatorade is so popular. The commercial is basically a story about how "Gatorade" was created. It tells how the University of Florida's football team drank Gatorade and won the Orange Bowl.The commercial begins with the narrator saying, "The legend was born in 1965 in the swamps of Florida." This sets up the fairy tale that is the entire commercial. It paints a picture of hot, sweaty, unbearable conditions that are barley tolerable by football players. However, football players can testify that no matter where they play, they will always be hot and sweaty. They could be in Florida, Texas, or Nebraska and they will still sweat. The commercial plants an image into the viewers heads that makes them feel as if playing football in Nebraska is much worse than playing football anywhere else. However, in reality the differences are very minor. The commercial later expounds on this idea saying that, "The Gators thrived in conditions which would a salamander sweat." The advertisers are once again trying to pound that image of hot, sweaty conditions into the viewer's head.The commercial continues to tell the story about how the Florida Gators football team wasn't adequately hydrated, and how the U of F doctors created "Gatorade" to fix the problem. The coach of the 1965 Gator football team states that the Gators became a "second-half" team. Then the commercial tells the viewer that the Florida Gator football team won the orange bowl in 1967. The viewer of the commercial is given the idea that the Gators won the Orange Bowl because of the "Gatorade". However, why didn't the Gators win in 1965 when they first received "Gatorade"? Why didn't they win in 1966? The commercial never actually states that the Gators won because of "Gatorade". It hints that they do, but never actually says it. Perhaps, the reason that won the Orange Bowl was because they had better players that year, or because of better coaching. The commercial never says for sure, but it does so for a reason. The advertisers want the viewer to think that "Gatorade" is the one...

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