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The Drive Against Food Adulteration And Its Impact Upon The University Students

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i. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:First of all I would like to thank my course instructor Dr. Deena P. Forkan for her invaluable assistance from the start till the end of the paper. She had guided me through every section with her advice and had been a constant source of motivation for me. This paper could have never been prepared without her help.Secondly I would like to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to study in NSU and also for helping me in preparing this research paper.Thanks go to all my friends who provided invaluable ideas and also for motivating me throughout the project. The media has done a tremendous job by their strong stance against food adulteration which eventually led to the drive against food adulteration and I must acknowledge them.Finally I would like to thank Allah as it is He who guides us in every step of our life.ii. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:This research paper focuses on the "drive against food adulteration" and is aimed at finding all the related effects of this drive upon the University students. The paper studies the eating habits of the students and their awareness of food adulteration, the initial reaction of students towards this drive, the pros and cons of the drive, ways of making this drive more effective and finally the long term effects of the drive.TABLE OF CONTENTS


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1. INTRODUCTION:Food adulteration, synonymous with slow poisoning of the masses, is physical and intellectual genocide of the masses. Food adulteration is not a new concept in third world countries, but the dimension of the adulteration in Bangladesh is so massive that it would appear to be a shame on the civil society of Bangladesh. The lack of initiative has allowed food adulteration to rise to an epidemic scale. According to IPH (Institute of Public Health) more than fifty percent of food samples they have tested are adulterated.Morality is the basis of ideal laws and if the state operates through ideal laws based on morality, emergence of an ideal state is possible. Ethics separates right from wrong and a man devoid of ethics cannot contribute to nation building. The irony of the thing is many of the perpetrators being ignorant of ethics and morality did not even understand that what they were doing was equivalent to silent murder. At the same time, the masses were oblivious to the damage that sub-standard food, toxic colors and chemicals were doing to their system.This year a vernacular Bengali Daily had been reporting sensational news of food adulteration in order to awaken the sleeping awareness of the nation. This was followed by similar reports by other newspapers and magazines (including Prothom Alo, The Daily Star,...


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