The Drive To The City Of Babylon

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The drive to the city of Babylon approached two hours with Sunday traffic. Entering the city, they saw the emergence of date palm farm fields. Hanging from the trees were workers with large canvas sacks harvesting sugary fruit. A gentle breeze swayed the palm fronds.

Minutes away, the caravan came upon a walled entrance barricading the historic ruins. Protecting it against thieves and vandals. The first van halted in the dirt parking lot, while the second van parked parallel along its side. During that brief moment, Giselle glanced out the dusted window and saw Daniel in the second van.

Daniel looked restless staring idly amidst the students. Earlier at the buffet, Daniel requested that ...view middle of the document...

Only if Ryker could control his hatred.

She was optimistic about Ryker, but reality always struck a blow at her. Skylar replayed the Minister's morning sermon, "And knowledge to accept what we can not change." Ahmad had his hand out for Skylar to exit the van, and waited for the delegation.

Ahmad strode behind the group, and saw the church members excitement as they approach the city. Ahmad looked towards Yasin, and hoped that this day would end quickly. He was anxious enough. Ahmad never mentioned his family in fear of retribution from Rami. Ahmad silently prayed for no disruptions today.

Souvenir vendors’ children began to encircle the group while speaking in Arabic peppered with English words as they pulled the church members towards their parents’ merchandise. Sundays at the Babylon ruins drew the largest crowds. Thus the haggling begun; Welcome to Iraq's new free market. Saddem Hussein would have deplored it.

Finally, Ms. Loren got the members rallied together as Ahmad took the lead in a self-guided tour. They walked around the enormous Tiger of Babylon statue. The students frantically captured the moment on their cell phones. A few tweeted to their...

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