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The Driving View Essay

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The Driving ViewThis morning in English teacher handed an assignment out to write an essay over one of the many topics in the list. The one about dangerous diving habits seemed like an easy topic to write about. After English I began to question what to put in the paper. Outside the window, on the way home, I see a guy speeding down the highway, as he passes it becomes easy to see he apparently likes breakfast burgers from McDonald's, and talking on the cell phone. Most of today's drivers have dangerous habits including speeding, eating, and talking on the cell phone.Many of the drivers today do not see speeding as a dangerous habit. Many people speed without realizing it hurrying off to work, a party, or some other event. Watching people on the road when a police officer comes to the road, in the visible area of sight, is somewhat predictable; in that, even if the people are not speeding they tap their breaks. This common occurrence is an example that people know speeding is something they do often even if they do not realize they are doing it. In order to speed and not know you where would require that the people around you are speeding with you, or that there is no one around you. Speeding in even light traffic entails a conscious weaving maneuver, which does not make the car you just cut off happy, that are normally causes for accidents from the breaking of other cars or the lack of attention to the road of someone near the "weaver".Many drivers have their attention elsewhere while driving, eating is a main reason drivers avert their attention away from the road. The fast food restaurants are everywhere and they would not be there if so many people did not use them, and all of the major chains have a drive through. More and more people find it more convenient to go to McDonalds, buy some lunch and eat it on the way to wherever they may go. This way of life is driving people to think they can eat and drive, simultaneously. While many can, the few that are unable are the ones who cause the wrecks. Most of the accidents are from "recovery"...

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