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The Dual Qualities Of Nature (

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The Dual Qualities of Nature (romeo and Julliet) Everything in life has the potential to be both good and evil. In Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet, there are many contrasts between, people, words, things, and actions. Shakespeare warns us that nature is the source of both life and destruction. In Act II scene iii, Friar Lawrence addresses in a monologue the binary traits of nature. In act II scene iii, the Friar is outside picking plants which he can use in mixing various herbs and medicines. He says he must fill up his wicker basket. All alone, the Friar begins to talk to himself. The Friar says, "plants can be mickle." Friar Lawrence picks one plant and he mentions how it has two different properties, it is poison and also a medicine. The scent of it can heal, and the taste will kill. "Virtue becomes vice", he says, explaining how when good things are abused can they can become destructive. His soliloquy compares nature to men. Both have potential for creating life and destroy it. Dualities exist together in a fragile relationship to eachother throughout this tragic story and in the end, there is no celebration of life, no wedding, only deaths and funerals and the hope of new realtionships and dualities to begin. In the play Romeo and Juliet, the relationship between the two lovers can be viewed as either good or bad. Their love sprung from impulse, beauty, and hate. Both Romeo and Juliet are taught to hate and its ironic how love comes to them so easily. The feud between their families is rooted in such strong hate but, it seemed to dissolve with the intensity of their love. Between the hate that they are taught to feel and the love that they do feel that empowers them, they put themselves above the feud. They love so much, and because this isn't allowed, their love becomes destructive. Rather than the wonderful pure feeling of joy that the two lovers should feel, they are coerced into concealing their feelings for one another. In this play there is pattern that virtute is turned to vice, then, virtue again. The love between Romeo and Juliet is the strong passion , a virtue at first. The deaths of Tybalt, Marchrusio, Romeo and Juliet are the vice and the resolving of the family feud again turns to virtue. In life, love, and people, there is always both virtue and vice. An example of good and bad is in the characters of the play. Like every person the characters are balanced with both good and evil. Romeo is a young man who is so caring and full of love that he makes sure no one hurts...

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