The Duel For North America 1608 1763 Chap. 6 Of American Pageant. Find Out About The Edict Of Nantes, The Seven Years War,Find Out About Braddock And Other Generals!

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please email me for the real studyguide which is probably a little bit more convenient to read due to margins,structure etcThe Duel for North America 1608-1763* Difficulties w/colonizing as a result of rel. wars during the 1500s between the RCC and Protestant Huguenots i.e. St. Bartholomew's Day massacre* Edict of Nantes: grants limited toleration to Fr. ProtestantsWar ceases* 1608 Quebec est. by Fr. Lead by Samuel de Champlain "father of New Fr"1. friendly w/Huron tribes and joins them in battle against Iroquois which earns Fr. Lasting enmity of the Iroquois who hindered penetration on Ohio* Gov. of New Fr. Autocratic. No elected representative assemblies/right to trial by jury* New Fr. Inhabited by 60,000 most had no econ reason to move there.* New Fr. has beavers a valuable econ. resource 4 its warmth&appearance.* Ind. Recruited 4 fur negociodie from disease,debauched by alcohol, killing beavers violated many Indian beliefs. Eur. Had neg. effect on the ind. traditional way of life* Practically extinguish beaver pop. & cause ecological harm* Jesuits: Fr. Cath. Missionaries struggled 2 save Indians 4 Christ & from fur trappers. Suffer at the ends of Indians but are vital as explorers and geographers.* Antoine Cadillac: founded Detroit, ""the city of the straits" in 1701* Robert de la Salle:2 check Span. In2 the Gulf of Mexico he est. Louisiana in 1682 is murdered by his men when he is unable to find the Mississippi Delta in an expedition* New Orleans: 1718 planted several vital fortified posts* Kashkaskid,Cahokia and Vincennes exported grainTHE CLASH OF EMPIRES* King William's War(1689-1697) and Queen Anne's War(1702-1713)1. Fr. Coureurs de bois (runners of the woods).vs. british colonies and any of their Indian allies.2. Guerilla warfare.3. British fail against quebec&montreal however capture Port royal in acadia.* 1713 Utrecht peace terms signed and brit. is awarded with Acadia, Newfoundland and Hudson Bay,limited trading with Span.* The War of Jenkin's Ear: 1739 Brit. Vs Span. Confined to Georgia& Caribbean Sea. This war merges into...* King Georges War in America:Fr.&Span. Allies New eng. Invades New Fr. And Captures Lousiana1. 1748-peace treaty gives Louisiana back to Fr.GEORGE WASHINGTON INAUGURATES WAR WITH FRANCE* fight resumes when they realize they are both pushing towards Ohio* 1749 Brit. Secure shake legal "rights" to 500,000 acres in upper ohio at the same time &place Fr....

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