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The Duke And His Duchess Essay

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In Robert Browning's dramatic monologue 'My Last Duchess'; there are two characters that many people can be compared to in the world today. The two characters are Alfonso II, Duke of Ferrara and his Duchess. Throughout the monologue the duke is described as being conceited, arrogant and perhaps maybe even psychotic. While his Duchess is the opposite of him, a person who enjoys life and everything it has to offer.
     The Duke is somewhat of a conceited person because of the comments he makes. In one part of the monologue the duke is talking to a Fra Pandolf, an imaginary monk and painter. He says that his presence (the duke) is causing the happiness of the duchess in a painting that the Fra Pandolf is painting. The line says 'Sir, 'twas not her husband's presence only, called that spot of joy into the Duchess Cheek (Lines 13-15).'; Just by reading this remark you know that the duke is a self-centered person that wants attention for him. In lines 34-35 he talks of how his duchess would thank every man that would please her in some sort of way. The duke gets upset at this and says that 'She thanked men – good! But thanked somehow – I know not how – as if she ranked my gift of nine-hundred-years-old name with anybody's gift (Lines 31-34).'; As you can see, the duke gets upset because his duchess thanks the men who pleased her in a manner that that the duke viewed as inappropriate because he wanted all of her attention for himself. In line 42 he says that he will never bow down to anything and that any orders that he gives will be followed. This shows the reader that the duke is also an arrogant, self-centered person. ...

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